The Pro Cycling Thread


Looked like he was trying to set that up for Edmondson and screwed up royally.
Sometimes athletes shouldn’t think about it too hard :wink:


Did he forget Viviani is in this race? Smacked of hubris that he wouldn’t be challenged.


It’s actually amazing from the overhead how Ewan just didn’t/couldn’t accelerate when he saw Viviani


great burst of speed!


Think Ewan was worried about sprinting too early. Even if Ewan went at the right time he wouldn’t have beaten Viviani who was the fastest today.


Yes, big gear / short legs - he even dropped back off Edmondson’s wheel so lost some cover. Was always going to be hard to get to top speed again.

Riders who have been outsmarted by Viviani - that is a very small club.

Meanwhile Andre killed by the heat …

Have to say that I’m weak and there is nothing wrong with that. Even in my age I find new sensation (even this a bad one) in the heat #boiled #toasted #44*C #smallengine. Congrats to @eliaviviani.

— Andre Greipel (@AndreGreipel) January 18, 2018


Had to endure the Channel 9 stream the last two days - It’s hard to get any flow to the coverage when there are so many commercials, nothwithstanding the commentary team is fine. Will add that McEwan is just about the best special comments person in the media.


Dan Jones is a hard act to follow but oh boy the new videos are so boring. Whoever is filming them is probably more technically competent but has no personality. Reckon there’s an in-car Whitey blow up on the Go Pro that didn’t make it into the video.

What made the BSP so good was seeing the highest highs and also the lowest lows.


This guy is worth following for cycling + tech.

Today’s article on live tracking at TDU -


Yeh he’s always been good with sport tech .


Sagan too good for Impey, takes the leader’s jersey.


Sagan does it all today - Wins the stage and then helps the operations crew pack up - Porte will need to be at his best tomorrow because there are still bonus seconds on Sunday.


What on earth is on Bahrain’s helmets out the back?


Richie bosses it again.

Stupid coverage through cutting away as Impey appears out of no where to take second and the leaders jersey.


That was terrible TV coverage.


Heaven forbid how bad the coverage was of the finish - Great times for MS - Were seriously considering bringing one of their climbers to ride for GC, then seriously considered Mayer but threw that idea out at the beginning, so then turned to Impey as the fifth option - Interesting to see what happens at the Cadel Evans race - At this stage, Meyer will be the protected rider and he seems to be in form - Have no idea if Impey will ride this race.

Team for Valencianna

Yates x 2

Will be Mezgec and Trentin for the sprints and my guess is the climbers will use the race for training.

Think the team for the herald Sun Tour is



Gerry Ryan confirmed the TDF is all for Ewan with GC playing a back-seat role - A.Yates better get ready to follow wheels.


If Froome is suspended, all the plans will go out the window.


Nothing will change - Froome’s position is unlikely to be resolved by the Giro and probably the TDF - The only way Froome misses these races is if RCS or ASO withdraw his invitation which is unlikely - And even this happens it will be months away, so too late to change plans - Will add that all the MAIN riders are happy with their programs this year, unlike in 2017 - The only thing that will change anything is injury.


I think one or two them have attached little koala toys, just for the fun of it.