The Pro Cycling Thread


I don’t think Ewan has been dreadfully disappointing so far - I think he has been consistent without finishing off his races - Don’t underestimate how important Mezgec is to Ewan’s success in Europe - Mezgec will give Ewan a minimum two gilt edged opportunities in a GT - The other times he will need to surf wheels - I’d like to see Ewan go head-to-head with Groenewegen who was at a similar answer in 2017 before I can give a definitive answer about Ewan’s form. Will add my understanding is at this stage Ewan is favored to stay, though one of the Yates is gone, even if they win a monument or GT.


Can we ■■■■ the camera bike off from the front of the peloton to a fair distance…

I saw it again last night,its more prominent this year that the bike just drags the peloton along.Some may say as the commentators did its more prevalent when certain teams riders are on the front but when you have 2 bikes in front of the peloton there virtually getting dragged along…

If anyone can watch segan last 5km last night…some of the best bike handling youll ever see,


Insane bike handling. Hopped over Gaviria ( he’s busted his hand and is out of MSR and the cobble classics), had to stop to replace a rear and still gets up there to almost beat Kittel in the sprint!


Sagan is on another planet when it comes to bike handling - At the moment Dennis leads the ITT at TA - Only one rider can beat him being Thomas - The MS guys did well with Hepburn and Bauer currently inside the top 10 and Durbridge and Impey just outside the top 10.


Mitchelton Scott team for MSR is Impey, Ewan, Mezgec, Bauer, Hayman, Kluge and Trentin - I suspect it is for Ewan with Impey and Trentin as back-ups.

Nieve crashed in training so he seasonal debut has been put back to GP Miguel Indurain on the 30th of March - He’ll have a limited preparation for the Giro. Finally MS has loaded up for climbers in the Catalunya which starts on the 19th.


Sickness through MS team and some changes to the team.

Bewley, Juul_Jensen & Tuft in
Hayman, Bauer and Mezgec out.


Gerrans out of the BMC team for similar reasons.


I have no idea who will win MSR -The changes to the Mitchelston Scott Team should have negligible impact, though Mezgec would have been fourth selection.


MSR is always a bit of a lottery.


MS team for Catalunya. All climbers except for Impey.

Esteban Chaves - (COL, 28)
Jack Haig - (AUS, 24)
Daryl Impey - (RSA, 33)
Robert Power - (AUS, 22)
Carlos Verona - (ESP, 25)
Adam Yates - (GB, 25)
Simon Yates - (GB, 25)

Power comes in for Nieve.


Actually its disappointing Power is the late replacement. He was supposed to be the team leader at the Coppa Italian 4 day race starting on the 22nd.

MS should win this race if Two of the three GC guys are in good form, even accounting for Valverde’s good form.


Looking like a very wet MSR tonight.


Better conditions on the coast for the finish.
Nibabli jumps away on the Poggio and withstands the sprint home, Ewan almost got him on the line.
Another 10m and he was done.


Cavendish had a shocking crash.


Nibali is a versatile rider and apparently he’ll try Flanders Field this year, though i wish he’s try PR - Ewan was super strong up the Cipressa and the Poggio and smoked them in the sprint - MS rode a tactically astute race with Trentin chasing down Nibali and nearly getting there, while Impey and Juul-Jensen helped Ewan in the final - Apparently Ewan will be riding cobbles at Panne on Wednesday - Master cobbles and he could win races like KBK and Gent Werelgem. Think Cavendish may have been a bit lucky in his crash as he sorted landed on his feet - Finally MS can win Catalunya if their three GC guys are in good form - They have plenty of cards to play


I have my doubts about him on cobbles. He’s just so small and light.

A few other major injuries at MSR:
Greipel - broken collarbone.
Simon Clarke - 3 broken vertebrae
Cavendish - another broken rib, whiplash. Could have been a hell of a lot worse


So Cavendish is out of the Commonwealth Games ? I still don’t understand why Ewan is not riding the Comm Games as he has no feature races during that period - I also doubt Ewan will ever be able to ride on cobbles - His main job is to win a stage at the TDF - MS has set an interesting early season schedule for a few riders - Power/L.Hamilton/Albasini /Verona have barely ridden while Nieve is yet to make his seasonal debut.


Power and Hamilton got a good go at the Australian races IIRC.
Verona kicks off this weekend, Nieve is injured as you know.
Power and Verona ride this week. Albasini generally has a soft start to the season.
They won’t load up Hamilton too much, he’s a neo pro.


MSR was great. Nibali is a boss rider. Great finish from Ewan too.


Verona has ridden three race days, Hamilton did the Sun Tour and then two rce days in Europe, Power did the Herald Sun Tour and then was a last minute replacement in Strade Bianche so has two race days in Europe and is a last minute replacement for Nieve at Catalunya - Would have preferred MS stick to their original plan for Power to lead Coppa Bartali - Possibly they are nursing Albasini.