The Pro Cycling Thread


Seems like Haig is coming into form so will be a good ally for Chaves and S.Yates at the Giro - There is every chance that S.Yates will surprise at the Giro - Power is improving but apparently his biggest issue is backing up day to day in stage races - He’s performing well in one day races - Reckon the Giro is wide open.


Andy Rihs, owner of BMC, died last night.
He was 75.



Whoa. Wasn’t he the single reason they still existed at all?


Pretty much. It’s his money.
Can’t see BMC being around next season.


We should be thankful for generous people like Rihs who allow us to view cycling - They bring enjoyment for money.


I believe MS may have a new sponsor.


MS team for LBL is Albasini, Kreuziger, Haig, Verona, Juul-Jensen, Impey and Nieve - Kreuziger to be the leader and Haig the back up - Think its too hard for Impey - Great to see Nieve pin on the jersey for his first race day.

PCS has put up an indicative start list for the Giro

  • S.Yates
  • Chaves
  • Juul-Jensen
  • Haig
  • Bewley
  • Tuft
  • Hepburn
  • Nieve

MS doesn’t need all of Tuft/Hepburn/Bewley, so I expect one will drop out and doubt Nieve has the race days to ride the Giro - So add Verona - The last position is a mystery.


MS team for Romandie is Albasini,Power, Nieve, Tuft, Verona, Howson and L.Hamilton - It’s a poorly designed race this with a 4.3km prologue and a 9km ITT which is uphill - Stage victories will be the orfer of the day.


And Jungels beats Woods and Bardet in LBL with Kreuziger 8th - A strange race in that Jungels attacked on the second last climb, was brought back at the top, but then he was allowed to go on the descent - Jungels had 53 seconds on the last climb being St Nicholas - Vanendert attacked on the last climb and got to within 25 seconds at the top with another 15 seconds to the favourites group - Jungels was too strong in the last 6 kms, while Bardet and Woods clipped away with 3kms to go, overtaking Vanendert who collapsed on the final climb - Kreuziger struggled in the final, even though Haig paced him up the last climb and in the final 1.5km - Seen enough to think Haig can win LBL in the future.

Interesting that Kreuziger, Nieve and Haig will be supporting S.Yates and Chaves at the Giro - They wil be one of the strongest teams - Believe that one of Kreuziger or Nieve should be supporting A.Yates at the TDF.


Matthews wins the prologue at Romandie


And surprisingly dropped on the last climb today in a stage which should have suited - Freire surprisingly outsprints Colbrelli to take stage 1.


Oscar Freire? That bought back memories… Omar Fraile won overnight.


Should be Fraile.


MS name a loaded team for the Giro - Chaves, Haig, Juul-Jensen, S.Yates, Nieve, Kreuziger, Bewley and Tuft - This will be one of the three strongest teams so hoping Yates and Chaves are on form - Personally think the Vuelta will be the race for MS in 2018 - Apparently S.Yates is flying and I think he will beat Chaves in the Giro - Think the team is a bit top heavy - I would have left Kreuziger to give A.Yates support at the TDF and started Verona in his place - They could have started Kluge who could have won a sprint in place of Bewley or Tuft.


And Roglic just holds off the exciting Bernal to win Romandie with Porte a pleasing third - MS come in with low expectations and got mixed results - Nieve was very good, Howson disappointing and i expect he won’t be at MS in 2019, Power was disappointing and is unable to back up in stage races and his future must be in doubt, Tuft did a training ride for the Giro, Disappointed in Hamilton’s ride in the ITT in which he finished a minute behind Storer, though he was decent in stage 4, Verona was good again, while Albasini continues to struggle for form - I can already see at least 6 or 7 changes in the roster for 2019 - Hayman and Tuft will retire, Albasini no certainty to ride on, Kluge is out of favour - Power and Howson no certainty to get contracts, Verona has offers while always a chance one of the Yates may leave and Bewley is on a one year contract.


The MS sprint train is two weeks of altitude training in snowy Lake Tahoe before the Tour of California - Seems like Hayman, Ewan, Hepburn, Mezgec and A.Yates - Expect four of this five to be at the TDF.


Giro kicks off tonight with a short itt (really a prologue). Dennis is hot favorite for this stage.


Froome crashed during the recon this morning. Wonder if that will impact his ride any.


Also Kanstantsin Siutsou has broken his collarbone during the recon and is out.


Froome seen limping after that.