The Pro Cycling Thread


Breakaway is caught in the last km and Carapaz powers away to win the stage by 7 seconds from Formolo and Pinot - Yates 5th and Chaves 7th.


At least Eurosport are putting stage highlights on YouTube immediately. They’ve also tapped Cosmo for some “how the stage was won” videos which is awesome.


Should I feel bad for enjoying so much watching Froome blow up?


He looks cooked.



Excellent win by Yates and Chaves and a super ride by Haig. The last 4kms of this climb are similar to Zoncolan, though its 11km. This could be a good guide to the Zoncolan stage if riders hold their form.

Good ride by Ewan to finish 2nd with Sagan third in stage 1 of TOC. GC day for stage 2 and interesting to see how A.Yates performs after injury.

Transfer season will be interesting with MS wanting to retain Ewan and Yates x 2


Yep I have been keeping updated with the eurosport highlights the next morning.


Chavez just seems like the nicest bloke ever


Yates looks the strongest so far…
Hoping Rohan Dennis holds on to top 10.
It is enjoyable seeing froome unable to keep up, maybe he needs some more ventolin for the Zoncolan stage.


Sadly the snow keeps the pollen count down


Will add felt that Chaves could have won that stage at any time in the last 2km but chose to wait to see if Yates could win the stage.



Bernal wins the MTF, stage 2, ToC; Majka and Adam Yates some 20s behind 2nd and 3rd.
Tejay not performing well.


Chaves in trouble. Dropped by the pelothon early.


rest day blues for Chaves.


Just hope it’s not illness.


2m or so down on the pelothon.
He won’t be getting that back.


still 180kms to go. Can get back if he is feeling ok.




Gap going out, Nearly 3m now.