The Pro Cycling Thread


Hell of a ride from Dumolin to go with him… almost


Yates was complaining that he was losing traction in the rear wheel every time he got out of the saddle. It suited Dumoulin’s diesel style pulling, like on a cobbled classic.


So there’s been no admission that Chavez is sick right? Just bad form?!


Nothing announced. Looked ok today, got inconvenienced by that crash, and there wasn’t any point spending further energy in the last km today.
I suspect we won’t know anything until Zoncolan.


Chaves is fine. Posted previously he has been fine all season but a variety of circumstances have conspired against him. His training numbers are fine but he is suffering from a crisis of confidence which is concerning to all parties. He had a different role today hence not riding out the stage. Tactically its important to get Chaves in the break for the Zoncolan stage for a couple of reasons. Less work at the front for MS and build up Chaves confidence. Have no doubt Nieve can get Yates up the Zoncolan.


Looks like BMC has its new sponsor.


Probably makes the rumoured move of Sunweb to Cervélo next year understandable.
@Riolio will not be impressed, I’m guessing.


Could this be the end of DD at WT level. They are better suited at PCT level. MS should swoop on Ben O’Connor.

More on Chaves. Their were two leaders at the Giro, though mgmt thought Chaves would do better. I thought Yates may go better as his level has risen this year.

TOC turned on its head after the ITT. TVG wins and is now leader. Bernal and Yates a bit disappointing, though they are 2nd and 5th. Geoghan Hart is killing it. He is a big prospect


DD seem to be struggling.
Apart from Ben O’Connor and perhaps Stephen Cummings I’m struggling to think who would be worth picking up.
Meintjes is massively disappointing (even if he was over-hyped to start with).


It’s funny I always thought Simon was more of the classics rider and Adam was the GC rider.
Adam did say after today’s ride at ToC that he hadn’t prepared for the ITT and was generally pleased with the result given the lack of work in that area.


Agree that Adam needs more racing. Posted in another forum that Bernal looked a bit tired on stage 2 at TOC, so his ITT was no surprise.

Lots of discussion trying to find a point of difference between both Yates. Have always thought Adam is better at longer one day races.


Adam coming back from broken pelvis - still not at his best. I imagine ITT would be discipline most effected by this. So not very good evidence to compare to anything else.



So weird how a trade team can switch bikes but then cycling’s just a weird team sport in general.


Deloitte pays Cav’s salary at DD, so he might be on the move too?


BMC or whoever the new team is should get Cavendish - This is a weakness in their roster.


The problem is you need the entire lead out train for Cav otherwise forgetaboutit.
Nobody wants to do that these days.


Bennett wins the sprint at the Giro, which was a little trickier than expected due to rain. Viviani missed the split and was minutes back.
Another sprint stage tonight.
Gaviria wins stage 5 ToC, Ewan 2nd (left his run too late) and Sagan 3rd.


Ewan, Kittel and Cavendish all had flats 12km from the end. Ewan had to use his lead out to get back on and hence little organization at the end. Kittel was completely gassed from the effort of getting back and couldn’t sprint. And Cavendish got held up in a crash involving his lead out.


Kittel is at the TOC?! What’s he been doing I hadn’t heard his name.


So is Cavendish!
Neither is having a good time!