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the Norwegian winter olympics team backing froome all the way…they exchanged idea at the last asthma in sport convention!


Apparently a loaded question but still an interesting response.


They updated it. Before it said “he did a Landis?”


Just take a bit of the go gear.


I’m still hearing “he did a Landis gees”


Dumoulin and Pinot made a tactical mistake. They should have drilled the last km of Finestre to drop one or both of Lopez and Carapaz and then they would have had a fighting force to chase Froome. After all Froome was only 40 seconds clear on the top of Finestre and then of course they let Froome take 70 seconds on the descent. Feel sorry for Dumoulin who had an alien Yates for 2 weeks and a super alien Froome today.

Today is a chance for Haig or Nieve or Kreuziger to get into the breakaway and go for a stage victory. And MS needs to get the prep right for their GC riders. Finally MS dominated day one of the Hammer Series.,



Very funny.

On Armstrong’s podcast, he said tomorrow will be the test, froome lost time after winning the zoncolan stage the next day.

His team “sky” is strong though and will most likely run the show.
Dumolin and his team need to attack.


Nieve and Kreiziger in the break.


New favourite Peleton name… Felix Großschartner

Or as displayed on TV, Felix Grossschartner! Triple S!


Once Nieve got into the breakaway he was the biggest certainty of the Giro - He won the stage by a lazy two minutes - MS get five stage victories in the Giro - I ponder this question - Now that Nieve is running into form will MS get him to support A.Yates in the TDF - Will weaken the TTT which would give Yates a good early position in GC but maybe help him at a later stage.


Can’t believe I stayed up to watch that. Can’t stand froome.


This has been a brutal Giro - I am really interested in how Froome performs in the TDF - He wins or even podiums and he’s from another planet - Hope that Dumoulin misses the TDF as he strikes me as a one GT rider per season - There are plenty of other pickings for TD.


Pinot hospitalized with exhaustion, won’t ride the last stage.
Froome still fresh as a daisy though :wink:



Saw that incident at the time - Think we are reading too much into the situation - TD had his back turned to Froome and at the same time conducting media interviews.


Nieve has posted tweets celebrating his stage victory - It obviously means a lot as he doesn’t often post on social media.


Ritchie Porte to ride the Tour De Suisse and not the criterium du Dauphine in the leadup to Tour De France
Starts June 9


Interesting choice.