The Pro Cycling Thread


So is the ASO still intending to ban Froome from the TDF ? Anyway good luck to Froome for winning the nearly unwinnable case.


You’d imagine they’d have to let him race now.


You would think so - Though the ASO is a strange beast.


The press release in which they acknowledge working closely with WADA, suggests there will be no appeal from the UCI or WADA.


Prudhomme says he’ll be able to start the TdF. He’s pretty ■■■■■■ though.


WADA has announced it will not appeal, explaining the “unique circumstances” why explicit WADA provisions will not be applied in this instance.


WADA can’t appeal because they recommended the dropping of charges to the UCI.Of course it throws threshold issues into a state of disarray.


So what happens to the other rides that have been penalised for a lower reading?
Seems a bit unfair that Froome gets off and others dont.

Are there precedents?

The verdicts and punishments vary and the process can take a long time, but previous cases suggest that, whatever the verdict, Froome could well ride in next year’s Tour.

In May 2014 at the Giro d’Italia, Diego Ulissi gave a sample that contained 1900 ng/ml - slightly lower than Froome’s. The Italian tried to replicate the results in testing in Switzerland to show it was natural. The UCI did not hold a final hearing until January 2015 when Ulissi was handed a back-dated nine-month ban.

At the Giro in 2007, two more Italians, Alessandro Petacchi and Leonardo Piepoli, returned samples containing more than 1,300 ng/ml and received different levels of punishment.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport accepted Petacchi’s argument that he had not used the substance with the intention of enhancing his performance, he was nevertheless given a retrospective 10-month ban and stripped of three stage wins in that Giro.

Piepoli, who had previous doping convictions, argued that he needed salbutamol to treat an allergy and was cleared.


There’s going to be a bunch of ■■■■■■ off riders, that’s for sure.


Mitchelton Scott to be known as Lets Go Scott during the TDF. Let’s go is an Australian tourism company.


Interesting that Ewan and Mezgec have been entered for the Vuelta - I believe Ewan’s new team isn’t Lotto Soudal.


Alcohol sponsorship not allowed in TdF, so they just choose a different Gerry company.


Team presentation tonight for the TDF - Need a measuring device to see how loud the booing is when Sky enter the stage.


Reminds me of US Postal.


I was right. The boos were deafening and to make it worse the presenter insisted on interviewing most Sky riders on stage to prolong the agony. Anyway Sky will be flavour of the month next year after Pinot joins the team.


I got a Sky jersey, the year Porte left Sky to BMC.
Then i got a BMC Jersey this year and now Porte is leaving BMC to Trek.
Should i get a trek Jersey?
Not long to wait for Stage 1,

I am expecting a bit of crowd booing of Froome.
More big asthma puffas would be funny though.


It’s going to be an ugly tour, I can feel it.


Do you remember when they put all the tacs on the road?

And the urine on sky riders


Is that a young Phil Anderson in the cap and Panasonic jersey?


yes it is.