The Pro Cycling Thread


Also, it becomes legal to insert sticks through the wheel spokes.


Degenkolb gets the win from Van avermaet.

Amazing day.


And boy did he appreciate that win.



Had Degenkolb in my list of favourites for the stage - He’d been up there contesting sprint finishes in the first week which indicated he was in shape. Strange stage in that there seemed to be more crashes than mechanicals, when it’s usually the other way around - Hayman did a an excellent job getting A.Yates around the course - Stage 10 is tough so we’ll see more casualties.


you would be ■■■■■■ doing a collarbone before anything serious happened, didnt even hit cobbles.

i wanted to see him in the mountains…


As soon as Portes out TVG crashes, and is sore and GC hopes fades instantly.
Was happy with Van Avermats ride, obviously be better if he went on with it.
How many more days can he hold yellow.
Today is a rest day.



Porte can podium the Vuelta if he is in shape. NO way you want Porte to be leader at the World’s. He has no pedigree in this style of racing and when he lead the team at the 2016 Olympics he crashed out.


Thats good, thought he might be a chance at the Vuelta if recovers in time.


That’s fair, but he’s still a stronger option than Haig or Power. I can’t think of too many other that will be in with a real show on the parcours.


Haig is a stronger option based on his ride at the 2017 World’s and 2018 LBL.


Background on Porte and Mitchelton Scott - When Green Edge Cycling was recruiting in 2011 for their debut in the 2012, Porte was off contract for 2012 - Porte expressed a strong desire to ride for the fledgling team, while at the same time the cycling mafia in Australia lead him to believe he was under strong consideration for the team - MS never showed any interest in Porte because at the time they wished to spread their budget and more importantly had little GC support for Porte - Then come along to 2013 with Porte still being interested as he was off-contract with Sky and lo and behold MS sign Yates x 2 and Chaves as developing GC riders - Hence Richie’s occasional barbs at MS - The saddest thing is Porte would have podiumed at the 2017 and 2018 TDF with no crashes.


He always finds himself in trouble. Perhaps his bike handling isn’t at the right level, who knows.


BMC will become CCC next year. CCC currently sponsor a pro conti team, but it isn’t a merger of the two teams.
GVA to remain as marquee rider.
BMC will no longer be a sponsor, bike to be ridden still being discussed.


La Course is about to start - Fresh riders vs Giro riders - Van Der Breggen VS Van Vleuten - Giro riders will be tired after a seven trip yesterday from the Giro finish to the start of La Course.

Keukeliere who was involved in the Porte crash is also out of the TDF - That’s three riders from the obe crash - Vuillermoz out after crashing into a spectator on the cobbles - So Bardet has already lost two mountain goats - expect today to be an aggressive stage and probably a GC finish.


The amazing thing about Keukeliere, is that he finished the Roubaix stage with a broken fibula. Imagine riding that entire course with a broken leg?


Cyclists are tough buggers - It’s been a nearly forgettable season for Keukueliere with illness derailing his classics campaign and he’'ll be out until Mid Sep - And he could have featured in the final of Stage 9 - The only saving grace is he won the Tour of Belgium for a second consecutive year - Would welcome him back to MS with open arms.


Just wow, how good was the La Course?
Van Vleuten chasing Van der Breggen after being dropped on the last summit, 15km chase down hill and 2km run in to line, she must have been 100m behind Van der Breggen with 250m to go and she caught and passed her as if standing still.
And this was on no rest after the Giro.
Van Vleuten is the best women’s rider in the world by some margin.


Gotta say that Van Der Breggen is so elegant on the bike - She looks like Cancellara on a bike.


Very smooth, that’s for sure. Van Vleuten looked tired on that last climb, she was wobbling more than usual, which made van der Breggen look even better.