The Pro Cycling Thread


At Least Dumolin attacked. Most of the GC Contenders couldn’t even keep up with they sky train. It does look like sky will go 1-2 at this stage.
Really like Dan Martins grit (now in top 10).
Maybe tomorrow we will see quintana or Bardet attack in the mountains,
But it looked like many didnt have the legs today - yates, Fugslang, Jungels, Valverde

I would almost put a line through anyone outside top 10.


To be fair this is the first time A.Yates has stinked up a stage at a GT. It’s obvious there is an issue with A.Yates especially when his two climbing domestics are sent in the break and then Yates barely got over the first climb. Yates, Thomas, Bardet and Martin were at a similar level at Dauphine so Yates should be finishing with Bardet. Will add that it will be hard to get info from. MS about any issue with Yates. Think Nieve was overcome With disappointment when grabbed late by Thomas. He could have and should have finished 2nd in the stage.


S.Yates winning three stages and being in the pink jersey for 13 days at the Giro suggests he can compete in a GT.


I will not give up on Dumoulin. I expect he and Froome to fade in week three but if not, he needs to be within 30 or 40 seconds before the stage 20 ITT.


Difference between competing and winning one though. Both brothers have blown up on a stage to remove themselves from contention. To even make a podium they have to get rid of these horrible days.


A.Yates came 4th in the 2016 TDF. He’s had one bad day in his GC career and according to you its the end of the world. Its blindingly obvious Yates has an issue because you dont send his two climbing domestiques into the break to go for a stage victory. How serious and how quickly Yates resolves his issue is in the lap of the gods.

Did you watch the stage ? Did you watch the stage from the start ?


Would have been interesting to see how Porte would have performed if still in the race. Thought Porte was marginally better than Quintana at Suisse who struggled a bit today.


That stage would have suited Porte, But imagine he still would have ended up with Martin/Froome etc. And more importantly would be how Porte went the following day.

Was surprised how much Thomas had at the finish sprint.

I did love seeing Warren Barguille trying to give Dumolin a hand given they were ex team mates and Dumolin doesnt have the support that sky has.


Yeh, Porte would have loved it.


They used most of that stage in the Dauphine. That was the stage won by Martin holding off a finishing Thomas. From memory Yates was around 20 seconds back.


Uran has abandoned.
Yates not looking too good so far either.


Boy oh boy wowee: five-way tie with a kilometre to go.

I abused so many dickheads (seriously, filter?) getting in the way on that last climb.


Nibali gone too. Idiot fans with flares and too many police bikes through a narrow section. Bunch more riders missing time cut. What a garbage officiated race.


Thomas didn’t even looked puffed as he sprinted too the line.

Lots of sprinters gone for the next sprint stage, Gaviria, groenewegen, Griepel, Kittel, Cavendish


I didnt see who knocked Nibali off thought it was fans, but apparently it was a police bike.

I still remember the stage Porte and Froome crashed into the camera motor bike a couple of years ago and froome started running down the road so funny.


Freaking flares made it impossible to see where the riders were going. Looks like he was bumped off by another rider.


Bahrain confirmed it was a moto.

How about the fan picking him up immediately … guy had a fractured vertebrae!


Sad for Nibali as he looked in decent form. I suspect Froome will crack next week and unsure about Dumoulin.Interested to see how Ewan would have coped with the time cuts, especially seeing Hepburn, Bauer and Durbridge have struggled.


I don’t think that there’s any way Ewan would have survived.
Mind you, Gerro made it …


Actually Ewan for a sprinter is OK on climbs it just that he paces himself. Think he would have survived, though next week may be a different story. Anyway MS need to look at why there leaders are having issues in GT’s. Finally thought Dauphine looked a better form race than Suisse which is proving the case at this stage. Thomas performance at this stage has been outstanding, though S.Yates performance at the corresponding time in the Giro was at a higher level