The Pro Cycling Thread


I reckon by the end we’ll all be lamenting another Froome domination, even though it looked like Thomas and Doumoulin had him covered last night. Surely he just sucks down a few puffs and then smashes them all on a Pyrenees stage?

So spewing Kr… oh I’m not even going to to try to pretend to know how to spell it… ciuldnt stay away, so close to pulling it off. In recent times no one in the top 5 of the tour has even tried anything approaching that, as they all know that Sky is planning the exact power output for each rider to bring the train up to them at the perfect moment.

(And which Sky did again last night)


yeh Kruijswijk…looked like he might be away but the sky train broke it.
I went to bed before the final climb as i knew that he would be caught when it got down to like 5 minutes gap, and sky still had a few guys to use before the leaders.

How good was bernal, he tempod quintana back and blew him off the pace for a bit he also dropped fugslang.
He should be winning the white jersey classification if he was able to ride for himself.

Think the other teams shouldnt have helped sky though. would have given themselves a better chance at the end


At least two people tried to take swings at Froome on the Alpe d’Huez today. French TV also reporting that police seized liquids from fans that were meant to be thrown on riders.


I’m not surprised. Sky isn’t popular.


And fair enough.


…that they’re not popular.

Although spectators should keep away from riders


The move - Armstrong

  • Dumolin has learned to be really good at controlling his effort, hes a diesel.
  • Cant follow moves/accelerations but does not panic and brings them back.

Gerrant Thomas time up Alpe Huez 41:15
4 minutes and 35 seconds slower than the record, not even in the top 100 climbs.
lost a minute in cat & mouse at end.

Surprised Froome was brought back after he attacked.

Bardet looking better and better, should be better in pyranees

An exceptional number of abondonments and time cutoffs.

Big names dopped out Uran, Gallipan, Gaviria, Groenewegan, Griepel,

Sagan Getting a divorce - seems a little off.

still going on about not wearing helmets for Alpe Huez climb

Sport should Get away from IOC - we are not a Olympic sport. noone cares about that.

Move of the day Kruijswijk

Patron of the day - Bernal, very impressing, dont forget that name, might be first columbian to win tour de france one day.


At the end of the day, the French public have embarrassed themselves with their attitude towards Team Sky. The Italian public was gracious and giving in their attitude towards Team Sky and it will be likewise in Spain for the Vuelta.

It’s interesting that Mitchelton Scott had a big crack at the wonder kid Remco Evanapoel who will turn pro with Quick Step the month before his 18th birthday.

Finally, Roglic is a chance of a podium if he continues this vein of form.


World’s best wheel sucker can see a stage win for himself somewhere now that all the genuine sprinters are out. No way is he going to abandon, especially now GVA is out of yellow and Porte is out of race. BMC focus will shift.



So he hit a spectator?


Camera strap caught on the handlebars I guess.

Liked INRNG’s suggestion he should be sent to Bahrain for punishment.


Transfer rumours link Verona to MoviStar and Erviti to Mitchelton Scott - Was told months ago Verona was going to Movistar - He’s actually had a decent year and improved in 2018 - The Erviti rumour is a surprise in that Movistar lack that type of rider,although Erviti can fill a role at Mitchelton Scott - Apparently Mitchelton Scott is proving a popular destination for domestics because of the way they share around their workload.


What’s the great attraction?


Wages are good and MS don’t overwork their domestics - They have defined roles, do your job and then clock off - Erviti will add to the classics team - Gotta say MS have disappointing as a team - Howson and Nieve have been good, Hayman OK and the rest disappointing.


They always stink it up at the TdF.
They do much, much better at the Giro and Vuelta. They haven’t cracked the TdF formula yet.


Reckon they have the wrong type of GC rider for the TDF. It more suits bigger TT riders as opposed to lightweight riders. These kind of riders still do well at the Giro and the Vuelta. Mitchelton Scott GC riders are light, except for Haig, though his TT is average.

Sagan sprints over the top of Kristoff and Demate to win stage 13 of the TDF. MS rode in the bunch so must have something planned.


Fraile wins stage 14 into Mende from Alaphalippe, a brave Stuyven and Sagan - Sky created echelons in the first 10km which allowed the break of 32 to form - MS had Impey and Hepburn into the break - Stuyven rode clear with km’s to go and entered the 3km climb of Mende leading by 1m and 30s - Fraile attacked from the group, managing to grab Stuyven 200 metres from the top and then soloed on the 1km descent - The Gc group rolled in a mere 17 minutes later - Roglic attacked 2km from the top and managed to get 8 seconds on Thomas, Froome and Dumoulin while Quintana,Bardet and landa lost around 27 seconds.


Kruisjuik (spelling?) was the one that crashed out of the Giro while minutes in the lead yeah?


Kruijswijk. Yes, in 2016 he lead the Giro by 2m and change, but crashed on the queen stage.