The Pro Cycling Thread


Which TDF was it…where a skinny European was leading into the final TT…with Armstrong behind…and then the European crashed twice, changed bike three times, basically capitulated in epic fashion? It was one of the biggest let downs I’ve ever watched.


I remember Ullrich crashing in the stage 19 ITT - but he was behind Amstrong at the time.
Although you’d never describe Ullrich as skinny!


What time does Dumolin start?


4.27pm which is 12.27am AEST.


Bed, then


I just researched and found that I had the story a bit wrong…I was thinking of Rasmussen at the 2005 Tour.

Wikipedia says:
“In the penultimate stage (Stage 20), an individual time trial, he lost his third place after a fall at 4 km, then two bike changes, two wheel changes and a crash into a ditch. After his first fall, he lost confidence and his ability to descend at speed, said by Rabobank’s sports director Erik Breukink. Rasmussen finished 77th that day and dropped from 3rd to 7th on the GC.”


Yes Rasmussen was skinny - he was known as “chicken legs” - and was in polka dot jersey at the time of that epic TT. His fall from grace continued - I think he was suspended for drug breach in an off season soon after when he falsified his whereabouts.


Seemed like Froome had altitude breathing problems on the stage Quintana won, a little less so on the next stage. May not be a problem in the ITT


Hepburn fastest so far, Durbo 2nd.


Rasmussen is still bruised, from what was going on in team doping at US Postal at the same time .


so far possibly accurate


Doumoulin inns stage by 1s over Froome.

Thomas rolls in to 3rd on the stage to guarantee the GC victory.


It was an excellent ride by Hepburn on an unsuitable course - Adjusting for weather conditions it was probably about 6th or 7th position - Good ride by Yates to lose a minute to the MAJOR GC contenders.

MS have named a versatile squad for Ride London today - Ewan,Mezgec,Trentin, Albasini, Edmondson, Juul-Jensen and Tuft - Albasini for a breakaway, Trentin for a bunch sprint and Ewan for a large sprint.

Interesting that Pinot and Soler rumoured for Sky - Yes, Sky has a large budget but they will probably have to ship out riders.


Pinot rumour to Sky has been around for a while.
He’s got to get out of FDJ, but it’s a weird choice. I guess money talks.


The French teams need to get smarter in their recruitment of neo-pros - They need to target young riders with GC aspirations from other countries, instead of only French riders.


The French teams have small budgets, and that’s a big problem.
They missed a trick with Alaphillipe.


Neo-pro’s are usually on small wages so there is no reason why you can’t develop a Non-French GC contender - Movistar continually lose rouleurs - Izagirre x 2, Herrada x 2, Sutherland, possibly Amador and Erviti - Something is going wrong.


You’re not wrong about how weird it is MS have got these three tiny GC guys when the TDF podium is all big blokes


Will Kwiato look to move teams to be a GC leader at some point? He’s a freakish versatile rider.


Would go to CCC surely and given Porte’s gone, they’ll have space.