The Pro Cycling Thread


How about this WTF moment from Hi-5 owner Rochelle Gilmour?

“It’s all about me”


Goes the 3rd person name in the first minute.

I’ve always thought Rochelle Gilmore had a high impression of Rochelle Gilmore.


No problem with Rochelle - At the end of the day she’s provided a living for numerous female cyclists, especially young and developing Aussie female cyclists - Certain she’ll be back one day.


Haig to ride the Vuelta.


Figured he was a must.


White being publically kind to Ewan in the Cycling News article by Daniel Benson - He is not riding the Vuelta and any chance of this happening went out the window with his dummy spit last Sunday - His next targets are the Binck Banck Tour and TOB - He’ll get more experience riding cobbles and he always performs well at the TOB - As expected Kluge will follow Ewan to his next team while it seems Mezgec will be held to his contract.

Seems like the Vuelta squad is shaping up to be S.Yates, Haig, Verona, Bewley, Trentin, Kreuziger - Last two spots will come from Albasini,Edmondson and Howson.


Valgren could be making a mistake moving from Astana to DD who can only provide limited support in the classics.


Patrick Bevin (BMC) rumoured to MS.


Very happy if Bevin moves to MS - he’s a quality rider.


Alaphillipe wins San Sebastian. Massive crash towards the end. Bernal with significant facial injuries, Landa with a cracked vertebrae the worst of it.


MS were an outside chance at best but life is made difficult when the protected rider Nieve rides at the back of the peleton entering the final climb while Bauer and Impey were at the front of the peleton - Believe it or not there was a crash at the entrance to the climb in which Nieve and others were caught behind which means race over - My man Ackermann beats Hodge and Trentin in stage 1 of Poland - Good to see Trentin getting back into shape - Cycling News preview of Tour of Utah failed to mention Haig who I think is just about the favourite.


Ackermann 2/2 at the tour of Poland.


How does Ackermann get a ride in a GT when he has Sagan and Bennett ahead.

Mezgec and Kluge will follow Ewan to Binck Bank tour and tour of Britain.


Ackermann will overtake Bennett. Nothing surer.


Something must give. Ackermann is contracted to the end of 2018, while Bennett is contracted to 2019. Would take either at MS. Interested to see how Ovett goes at Utah. Pulled out of Qinghao Lake in which he showed good form with 5 stages to go so he could travel to Utah.


CT background to the Ewan non TdF start.
And it doesn’t appear that sprinters are on the agenda for MS.

Interesting the issue with Adam Yates at the TdF disclosed as a hydration mistake.


Gerrans retires.


Interesting the Cycling Tips interview with Matt White re-inforces information I posted a few months ago - MS wanted to retain Ewan and were willing to sacrifice one Yates to keep Ewan - The attitude of Ewan’s Manager played a role in Ewan being left out of the TDF team - When Ewan’s manager refuses to have any dialogue with MS management it was a major cross the team would not bear - Once MS knew Ewan would leave the team the priority was two sign Yates x 2 and part of that was giving priority to A.Yates at the TDF - Will add my understanding to leave Ewan out of the team was a decision made over White’s head, though if Ewan’s form was exceptional he would have ridden the TDF.

Do think MS should be on a lookout for another sprinter as they bring wins and give confidence to the team - It doesn’t have to be an A1 Grade sprinter but a developing sprinter would be good - I stress this because there are three parts of a team - Sprinters/Classics/GC Climbing - Ideally you want two of these three to operate at a high level while IMO, MS only tick the GC/climbing category.


So no chance Gerrans rides the Vuelta with Ritchie.


Slim chance I guess.