The Pro Cycling Thread


TJV to Education First / Drapac



A wise decision by Ewan to move to a team who can provide more support - MS linked to neo pro Edoardo Affini of Italy - Talented TTer and a future classics rider.


20yo American prodigy, Adrien Costa, who stepped away from cycling last year after his teammate, Chad Young died in an cycling accident, has lost his leg in a rock climbing accident - he was pinned by a 2 ton rock that came loose.


AIS selling assets to ACT Government.
There will be no residential athletes there any more.


Gotta say that Power, Hamilton and Meyer were disappointing in Utah - They should be providing better support for Haig - And in Poland, Ms spent a useless 30km at the head of the peleton riding for Trentin who didn’t have the legs.


It looks like the attack on the hill came far earlier than expected. Even Haig was caught out. I’m not sure how much Power et al. helped him get back on, but it looks like the whole team was on the backfoot…

Sometimes you don’t know until you try. Hopefully Trentin rides into form.


Dennis officially confirmed to Bahrain.

Verona to Movistar (2 year contract)


Was informed months ago around the time of the Miguel Indurain race that Verona was on MoviStar’s radar - Apparently MS were happy for him to stay but you battling the lure of a Spanish rider for a Spanish team - Apparently Adam Hansen could be on the move - he would be a good get.


Not sure that Adam Hansen, at this stage of his career, adds a whole lot of value TBH.


Ovett was a DNF in today’s stage at the Tour of Utah. Not sure if crash or ill.


Chaves diagnosed with Mononucleosis (glandular fever).


Tokyo 2020 Olympic road race route announced. For the climbers.


Simon Yates misjudged the final chicane with 100 metres to go which possibly cost him the stage victory at Poland won by George Preidler at FDJ - Strangest thing is the non-climbers which MS mainly have at Poland are doing a better job than the climbers supporting Haig at Utah.

Hansen adds tonnes of value - Can ride at a high level week after week, can do two or three GT’s can assist in a sprint lead out - He’s an under-rated rider in the peleton.

The Aussie team for L’Avenir has been announced - Groves, Sweeney, Scotson, Stannard, Sunderland and Whelan - No exceptional climbing talent at this edition - We know what Stannard can do and of course Whelan has been signed by EF and will ride as a stagiare from September - Groves has a fast sprint and in fact won the last stage of Qingdao for the MS Conti team - Interesting the selectors didn’t choose Alexander Evans for his climbing prowess.


INTERESTING that Kreuziger/Verona/Bewley are on the provisional start list for the Bretagne race - This happens and then you’ll find MS have a very interesting start list for the Vuelta.


Bevin to stay with BMC / CCC according to CN.


That will be disappointing if true as Bevin would be a good acquisition.


And S.Yates jumps away 11km from home to win the final stage of Poland - Stage victory, gap and bonus give him 2nd on GC behind Kwiatkowski - he’s shaping up well for the Vuelta.


And Sepp Kuss of NLM Jumbo jumps out of the ground to dominate Utah with one stage to go - Haig is battling on to be currently 5th in GC but overall has been disappointing as has Meyer/Hamilton and Power.

Its confirmed that Kreuziger will miss the Vuelta and ride the Canadian races - The team could be something like S.Yates,Howson,Haig,Trentin,Edmondson,Albasini, Juul-Jensen - Last spot could be anyone.


Meyer was in the breakaway all day, and Haig was clearly holding something back today. He might have more of a dig tomorrow, but I think he’s happy to be slightly underdone for the Vuelta. No point being cherry ripe for this race.