The Pro Cycling Thread


Kreuziger to DiD


Haig shouldnt be holding anything back as this is his third time leading the team in 2018. Its disappointing Kreuziger has left for DD as he has forged a close relationship with S.Yates and it weakens the mountain train. Its been a poor transfer period so far for MS. The more i research Affini, the more i want him at MS. I like Italians who ride for non Italian teams


One would hope they have some good signings to come, because it’s been pretty ordinary so far.


Keeping Yates x 2 or Yates x 1 and Ewan would effect the budget for 2019.


Should’ve sold one to buy support for the others.


MS could only keep two out of the three. MS wanted Yates x 1 and Ewan. But you dont always get what you want. Anyway Stannard will be a gun.


Sagan out of the Euro’s with 88kms to go - Miserable weather conditions along with hard riding by Belgium has split the race to pieces.

Want to see if Bewley rides the Vuelta - No and there is a definite trend.


And Trentin wins the Euro RR in a reduced bunch sprint from Van Der Poel and Van Aert - A group of 11 cleared out with 50 kms to go and had the finish to themselves - Albasini should have second, except that one of the breakaway riders crashed with 8 km to go which disrupted the group - Hope to see a good Vuelta from Albasini and Trentin.


Kuss wins the final stage and the GC at the Tour or Utah. Haig 3rd on the stage and 3rd overall.
Kuss was on a different level to everyone else here.


Better ride by Haig today, though expected a better overall result - Give you a riddle - Who do we expect to go further in the finals of lumpy stages at the Vuelta - Haig or Kuss ?

Keep your eye out for Keegan Swirdley who is progressing well despite limited road experience - Can make the WT in 2020.


Almost impossible to tell give we have no idea what the roles for each will be. Gut feel says Haig.
I’d rather go in slightly underdone than cherry ripe on day 1.
Also, I feel that altitude had a fair bit to do with the result, and the Vuelta doesn’t have any high altitude climbs.


Hoping that Ewan has his mind on the job as there are stages to be won at the Binck Banck Tour - Apparently the Kreuziger change of teams was his desire to only do one GT per year and do more one day races so that he could spend more time with his family.


Adam Yates joining brother Simon at the Vuelta.


Simon will be the leader so it will be interesting how this plays out - It will be an interesting team at the Vuelta.



strong team for all races, though Hindley, Hamilton and Storer shouldn’t be riding in the under 23 race


The Breakaway stays away and wins stage 3 of the Binck Banck tour - Van Der Hoorne of Roompot wins the stage, while Mohoric goes into the leaders jersey.


I reckon Ben O’Connor was hard done by the selectors. He’s had a far better season than Hamilton, Power, & Howson.



Kluge follows Ewan to Lotto, no surprise.
Mezgec to follow I assume.