The Pro Cycling Thread


Seems to be going longer than I can remember.
Teams seem to be cutting down rosters by 10%, there’s a lot of quality riders looking for jobs late in the season.


And unsurprisingly, Robert Power wins the Japan Cup in his last race in Mitchelton Scott colors.


Jacobsen wins the final stage of Guangxi and Moscon the overall. Verona 5th for MS.

Get Ben Swift who is good in the classics and can get up middle mountains. He will come at a bargain price.


Swift back to Sky.


Gene Bates who spearheaded the big improvement in AVV, Spratt and the like is transferring to the mens program. It will be interesting to see what difference he makes. Women’s team adds Tenaglio and Grace Brown to their team. Want MS to allow Kennedy to target the Nationals and the TDU.


MS should take S.Yates to the TDF. The route gives him every chance.


MS would need a strong TTT squad.


Love watching these six day track series…


MS always have a strong TTT squad as evidenced in the 2018 TDF TTT.

How about a squad like


Haig,Howson and Juul-Jensen for the mountains Impey,Trentin, Meyer,Bookwalter and Howson provide a good engine for the TTT while Impey and Trentin can target reduced sprint finishes.

This leaves A.Yates, Chaves and Nieve for the Giro -In saying that with five first year WT riders it will be a balancing act between the three GT’s - Of these five fully expect Dion Smith and Nick Schultz to ride a GT in 2019


Just heard an interview with Brayan Chaves - He’s exactly like Esteban - Ultimate goal is to win the Giro and has little interest in the TDF.


Channel 7 covering TDU,delicious lol

39 mins of actually coverage 5 hours of cross promotion!


Bewley extends with MS for 2 years. Lets hope he races more often in 2019 after struggling to reach 50 race days in 2018.


Yes, but is he any good?


Chaves jnr has a long way to go. Its still interesting that his race of choice is the Giro.


Mezgec renews for MS for 2 years - I was certain he was already contracted for 2019 - Anyway he could ride a stronger classics campaign with no Ewan - That Ride London debacle was costly for Ewan.


For me the Giro route is underwhelming. Somehow has 3 ITT’s with a total of 58kms. Reckon the TDF has a better route for S.Yates.


I think both work for Yates. Two of the TTs are hilly and all are short, this should be to Yates advantage.
The last week is brutal, if he thinks he can do well there, I can certainly see him still going here.
He might also think his chances of winning the TdF are less, so why not have a crack at the Giro and back up with the Vuelta?


I dont want Yates X 2 doing 2 Gts for 3 consecutive years - Anyway we’ll wait and see who is the leader for the Giro and the TDF - Notice MS has been signing up a few riders for the next two years - Gerry will fund the team for the next two years, though you reckon MS need to have a title sponsor locked up in early 2020 at the latest.


Lachlan Morton is picked up by Slipstream (EF-Drapac).
I’ve got to say I’m surprised, given he was a bust at DID and his first stint at Slipstream.


Good luck to Morton and Will Clarke for eking out a career at WT level with limited ability.

As advised earlier, Alexander Edmondson has renewed with MS for two years.

Still waiting on Howson, Durbridge and Albasini. Have heard nothing about Albasini retiring so guess he is going on. No idea about the others