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Renshaw knocked off his bike by a car, broken pelvis.


i rode from sydney to bowral on saturday at one stage i just got off the road as just one too many close cars and i wasnt even on the main road…tans seeing its illegal to ride on the footpath what do you do!


That is very sad news. They copped abit of flack, but Paul and Phil did a great job promoting cycling during a time when Australia really started to take noticed. Paul, like Phil, knew cycling, knew the regions where racing would take us and did a great job educating the uneducated. I have enjoyed both their contributions for many years. I cannot find how he passed away but condolences to his family, way too young!!


Matt Keenan has paid an emotional tribute to iconic cycling broadcaster Paul Sherwen following his shock passing at just 62.

Sherwen called the Tour de France for decades on SBS alongside Phil Liggett, with his sudden death sending shockwaves around the cycling world.

Keenan, who took over from Sherwen and Liggett in 2017 as world feed broadcaster for road cycling’s biggest annual event, told Melbourne Breakfast of his special relationship with Sherwen.

“I’m not doing this without (him),” he said choking back tears.

“What I do know is both him and Paul recommended me together (to take over and commentate the Tour de France).

“He’s a guy that just made the world a better place.”


Porte and his mate Will Clarke are home training at the moment.
847kms last week, 13000m elevation.
I hope he has a crack at GC at the tour again. would be great to win one. But in a weaker team so will be tough.
But yeah he should have knocked off a stage win.
He has been unlucky last few years.


It’s terrible news about Sherwen - It raises the question whether Liggett who is now 73 - Will continue commentating without his trusty off-sider Sherwen.



Chaves has his own Grand fondo this month on Colombia. Guest rider is Merckx along with Hayman and Bauer.

Chaves is riding the Giro and will probably be leader in the Vuelta.


Sky to cease sponsorship at the end of 2019. Even if they find a new sponsor there will be talented riders on the market.

S.Bennett snubbed by Bora for the 2019 Giro and TDF. A priority target for MS


You know this for a fact or are you suggesting that MS should make it a priority?


Its my opinion. Though things will change with the Sky news.


Yep. More likely than not, a bunch of good riders will be on the market.


will there be another super team…i hope not for the good of cycling …


Highly unlikely Brailsford will find a similar sponsor to Sky - He can find 20 or 25 million and he’s done a good job - Mitchelton Scott is a worry - Unless they get a new sponsor on board by Mid 2019, then it will be hard to attract quality riders for 2020.



Ewan unleashes on MS during an interview with Daniel Benson in Cycling News. Critical of White and Trentin


He hardly raced with Trentin.
Really, he could look in the mirror. He’s had a poor year, and last year wasn’t much better.
Lets see how he goes at Lotto. Sometimes it just better to shut your mouth and let your results do the talking.


It was MSR in which he was upset when Trentin chased Nibali down from the Poggio. I thought it was good tactics.

And S.Yates riding the Giro. A strange decision


And Barry Ryan expresses surprise in Cycling News in how Rohan Dennis wasn’t offered a contract by Mitchelton Scott - And in fact has never been offered a contract by MS - It was never going to happen this time because of budget considerations


Chaves interviewed by Cycling News. Thanked everyone except for Matt White. Sky on the start list for the Herald Sun Tour