The Pro Cycling Thread


Dat acceleration.


Viviani’s finish will be one of the top five sprint finals in 2019.


Bevin beats Ewan and Sagan in a draggy final to win stage 2 of the TDU.

To think MS had him before he changed his mind at the last minute. Impey seems to be struggling. I would put my support behind Meyer.


Sagan wins from Lu Lu Sanchez and.Impey



SAGAN is the GOAT.


Love Sagan


Impey wins the corkscrew stage from Bevin and Leon Sanches. An awesome ride by L.Hamilton.


Mitchelton Scott has started their ten day camp in which they cycle around southern Spain. Ten riders and a special guest in Annemiek Van Vleuten. Seems to be Juul Jensen, Grmay, Trentin, Albasini, Bookwalter, Mezgec, Nieve, Affini. Seems to be no Yates x 2, Chaves and Haig. And beautifully narrated by Juul Jensen.


Ewan wins today’s stage. Bevin puts the bike down at the 10 to go mark made it back to the the bunch to keep the jersey.


Ewan relegated for head butting.





Good to see Ewan show aggression in the sprint finish and a bit unlucky to be disqualified.

Bevan is no certainty to be on the start line and even if he makes will struggle


Ewan initiated the contact, so I’m not surprised he’s relegated. I hate that head butting stuff.


See lots of headbutting in the peleton which usually goes unpunished


It shouldn’t.


Trying to remember a race where a team has made up 1+ minutes in the last 10kms of a sprint stage in a WT race


Porte attacks to win the stage at Willunga Hill, 6th consecutive win there for him

Impey in 3rd, to take the GC again.