The Pro Cycling Thread


Perhaps they are saving him up for the Giro.


Or do they want Haig for Giro and TDF - Reckon Haig could achieve an excellent result at LBL.


Alaphalippe just defeats Fuglsang and Ullisi in Fleche Wallone - A disastrous day for MS with six of their seven riders crashing out leaving Howson alone who eventually finished 28th - Happily no serious injuries, though their form could be affected for LBL - I doubt MS have taken the Ardennes seriously enough in 2019.


MS’s classics campaign has been a train wreck.


On reflection Yates would have got a podium if he stayed on his bike.


Yeh, he looked strong.


Michael Drapac’s son, Damion, was killed while riding his bike down Blackburn road on Anzac day. :frowning:


■■■■ that is grim


LBL today with a route change - Weather will be cool with a cross tailwind and then a cross headwind - Extremely confident in Kwiatkowski in the men’s and Van Vleuten in the women’s race.



Adam Yates has missed the split in the peloton.
Questionable if he’ll get back on now.


Fugslang gets the win, easily the strongest today.
Did have a very brown pants moment with 4.7km to go.

Formolo 2nd, Schachmaan 3rd, Yates in next.


Yates just missed the split at the top of the last climb. Reckon he was the strongest of the chase group. This is about as good as he can go in LBL. AVV as expected dominated the womens race.

Romandie starts tomorrow. Smith could win an Albasini type stage while Meyer and Scotson have a chance in the prologue.

Giro team is nearly set in stone. Yates, Chaves, Nieve, Haig, Bewley, Bookwalter, Hamilton and Juul Jensen.


Giro update - Bewley crashed during the recon for the Prologue dislocating his AC joint so is out of the Giro - My guess is MS will look at D.Smith to be the replacement - In a further blow Haig has been on restricted training for the last 3 weeks with a knee issue - Do you ride him underdone or reset him to ride the TDF - Simon has enough support with Chaves, Nieve, Bookwalter, Hamilton etc.


Could easily bring in Howson who has been riding well in the Ardennes.


It’s a balancing act because MS want to have a strong TTT for the TDF and provide A.Yates with some mountain support - Have you seen Ewan’s lead out for the Giro ? No Adam Blythe - He’d have an as strong if no stronger lead out at MS - Anyway he wants to complete a GT this year - So will he finish the Giro or the TDF ?


Howson is a quite strong TTer. Certainly no worse than Bewley.

Seems electrical cable on the ground cause him to crash. Janse van Rensburg crashed at the same point and did his collarbone.


Hansen and Kluge is better than MS were giving him.


Ackermann wins Eschborn-Frankfurt from Deg and Kristoff.
Roglic wins stage one of Tour of Romandie
Howson in 5th, he really is in good form.
Albasini is struggling, age is catching up to him now I feel.


If Ewan went to last years TDF he would have had Mezgec, Impey, Hepburn and if wasnt injured Trentin in the final. The LS lead out is no better than MS. Of course if Ewan remained at MS and rode the Giro he would have no lead out. Anyway Ewan should win a stage at the Giro. Two or three of the early sprint stages could be selective so its disappointing that neither Trentin or Impey is at the Giro.

Howson is in form through the cat 1 climbs could be his undoing. Grmay is riding well and coulb be a chance for a breakaway