The Pro Cycling Thread


ohh I just watched the highlights this morning and thought vivianni won.


Ewan failed to follow his lead out and suffered the consequences. He will be hard to beat today.


UAE yank Molano from the Giro for “seemingly unusual physiological results”.

He’s part of Gaviria’s lead-out train.


Physiological results usually means blood values or biological passport - Though ABP is far from foolproof.


Richard Carapaz wins stage 4
Caleb Ewan second
Gavria and others caught up in crash more than 3kms out.
Roglic and Ulissi were in the front group.

Mikel Landa lost more time
Dumolin lost time - 4 mins down and may be injured in the crash.
Yates lost time, but limited the damage


Ewan possibly left his sprint 10 seconds too late. He almost got him.
Domoulin is done at the Giro. I’d be surprised if he’s not pulled, to allow him to be tip-top for the TdF.


On the Move podcast (Lance armstrong) - they said Dumolin was so sore after the crash his team couldnt even ride tempo, if they did they may have limited the losses to 1-2 minutes. rather than 4 minutes, they expect him to pull out also. Thats good for the Tour De France.


Dont know what Ewan has to do to win a stage. CArapaz was the last rider in the group to win the stage. In saying that UAE stuffed up the finish. They had 2 strong riders in Ullisi and Conti in the group and they should have attacked in the final km.

Dumoulin is in a tricky situation. Ideally he would ride anothet week to get miles into his legs. Interesting that MS is ensuring Chaves is in the final.


By having Chaves high up in the GC it gives Team Jumbo something to worry about.
Yates is lucky that on paper MS team is much much stronger than Jumbo.
Hopefully Yates pulls up ok after the fall.


Actually that stage would have been a good one for Hamilton. Hopefully no carnage today.


Nibali to trek so the rumour goes.


Dumoulin has abandoned. Didn’t make it out of the neutral zone.


Nibali going to Trek is a disaster for Porte - Nibs will want to ride the Giro which means Porte is stuck with the TDF.

And Ackermann defeats Gaviria and Demare in rain sodden conditions at stage 5 of the Giro.


Not sure it’s a disaster for Porte. He’s shown little ability to finish a GT, so I suspect it means little.


In Tour of Californioa - His old team mate is in the leaders jersey -TJ Van Garderen.
And Ritchie isnt even in the top 10.


Roglic has crashed. Up and going though.



Robert Power has abandoned after being involved in the crash today. He was leading the young rider competition.


Somehow TeeJay retains the leaders jersey after being involved in a crash with 3.4km to go and losing 54s - Definitely a home town decision.

Disappointing for Power because he needs to finish a GT in his fourth year in the pro-peleton.

Lotto hand over the pink jersey to Conti of UAE - GC riders gave the break 7 minutes and therefore we have a new top ten in the GC.

Finally, Fleche Wallone and LBL dropped from the Women’s World Tour because ASO will not provide TV coverage.


The ToC commissaries decision was ridiculous. Should be stripped of WT status next year.
The decision not to broadcast the women’s Fleche Wallone and LBL is equally ridiculous. The UCI should step in, but they wont.


IS this what Roglic wants Conti in the lead and his team controlling the race for next few days?

Or was Roglic just a bit banged up to make a move? Or not wanting too cause its soo early.

Top 10 overall changed massively. - filled up with riders from the breakaway