The Pro Cycling Thread


Lotto / Roglic are quite happy not to have the responsibility of defending the pink. It means he can save his team for later. UAE will now have to chase down all the breaks.


even tho TJ came in 1 minute behind, they gave him the same time as people involved in the second crash

First crash outisde 3km tj held up.

second crash inside 3km held up tj just as he was catching up to the peleton but he had not caught the pelton when the crash occured.

but they have given the first 104 the same time due to the second crash.

TJ probably shouldnt have got lead time, but potentially people finished after him who were involved in the second crash.


And Ewan defeats Vivianni and Ackermann is stage eight of the Giro - A comprehensive win and continues his history of winning longer stages.


ITT2 tonight.
This sets up perfectly for Roglic and I would expect he takes a fairly large chunk of time on all the other GC riders.
Conditions look wet, so it might be a bit of a lottery in who gets the best conditions.


Good result if the other GC contenders can limit their losses less than a minute to Roglic.


Roglic beats Campenaerts by 10 seconds, Campenaerts had a mechanical and very, very shoddy bike change which cost him the victory.
Of other GC riders Nibali lost 1m and the rest are done, Yates and Landa lost over 3m, I guess they might as well shoot for stage wins now.


Tour of California top 11 (just to include Rohan Dennis)

1. 31 POGACAR Tadej* UAD SLO 32:55:12 00:00:00
2. 13 HIGUITA GARCIA Sergio Andres* EF1 COL 32:55:28 00:00:16
3. 92 ASGREEN Kasper DQT DEN 32:55:29 00:00:17
4. 21 BENNETT George TJV NZL 32:55:41 00:00:29
5. 41 **PORTE Richie **TFS AUS 32:55:53 00:00:41
6. 71 ŠPILAK Simon TKA SLO 32:56:15 00:01:03
7. 85 HANSEN Jesper COF DEN 32:56:30 00:01:18
8. 114 GROSSSCHARTNER Felix BOH AUT 32:56:30 00:01:18
9. 17 VAN GARDEREN Tejay EF1 USA 32:56:34 00:01:22
10. 117 SCHACHMANN Maximilian BOH GER 32:56:35 00:01:23
11. 51 DENNIS Rohan TBM AUS 32:56:35 00:01:23


Surely Yates knows from last year you can lose 20 minutes in 1 stage, he is still in with a chance.
And they would still air for a podium position?


Actually the ITT was a fair result. Campaenerts rode when the flat section was dry and the climbing section was wet. This cost the later riders 30 seconds which mitigated the Campaenerts bike change.

Yates can still do a top 4 in GC if his body is ok. Roglic should still win but i remember A.Yates dropping him in TA.


He’s down 2m on Nibali too, it’s hard to see both crapping out.
But yes, this is the Giro and weirder things happen. More concerning is that Yates dropped that much time in the first place - could he be still suffering from the crash or does he have some virus or cold?


Have no idea what happened to Yates - MS better hope Yates improves or that means they’ve got three out of the last 4 GT’s wrong and it then places more pressure on A.yates at the TDF - Dennis went down the wrong career path - Sure have focused more on one week stage races and even cobbles and Ardennes - he lead the Eneco Tour until the final day when he crashed out.



I think we have been here before, the year Quintana went through red flag


Great sprint win by Ewan. Looked like very tough work going into a big headwind.


Ewan has done his job and now it’s off to the TDF.


Actually a headwind is perfect for sprinters, if favours pure power.
Great work from Ewan, with a bit of luck could have had a couple more wins too, but found form in the second half of the sprints.


Bahrain Merida boss Erzen is being investigated for involvement in blood doping. He’s Slovenian.

Lappartient confirmed that other people, especially from Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia, have been caught up in the UCI investigation into Operation Aderlass.

“For now, there aren’t the names of other riders in the dossier,” Lappartient told La Gazzetta dello Sport .

“The area of Slovenia and Croatia is under close observation, there are riders and managers involved in situations that the UCI is following closely. I hope the national anti-doping agencies of these countries help us and invest more money and resources.”

According to Le Monde , eight out of 19 riders (42 per cent) who have raced at WorldTour level in the last decade have been suspended for doping . While Germany and Austria have strict doping laws, which has lead to Operation Aderlass, Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia are considered a safe haven for doping. The trafficking of doping products and helping with doping is illegal but blood doping is not a crime.

Forgive my skepticism about the legitimacy of Roglic.


Mezgec from MS is from Slovenia - Let’s see what happens.


Bahrain-Merida have 6 riders from Slovenia, plus head sports director and former rider Goradz Stangelj, sports director and former rider Borut Bozic, team doctor Marjan Korsic, and other staff.
Kristijan Koren has already been suspended.


Benedetti the stage from the break.
Landa and MA Lopez gain a little time in the GC.
Majka looks strong.
Roglic completely isolated on the climb, he’s got a very weak team.
MS had 4 and then 3 right to the end Chaves and Hamilton look exceptionally strong.