The Pro Cycling Thread


And where is Peter Sagan from? Croatia
Im sure he would have done hundreds of tests with all his wins.


No he’s not.
He’s Slovak - a fair bit of difference from Slovenian (even if they are almost spelt the same) :slight_smile:


today’s bit of lol


Glad that Haller gave the thief an earful.


Poor night for MS with both yates and chaves completely out of contention.
Small consolation in Nieve coming 2nd on the stage.


Yates has not recovered from his crash in stage 4. Could withdrew in next two days.


Seems pointless continuing.


Oddest stage last night.

Yates was dropped on the main climb, and trailed about 20 seconds, perhaps more. Lucas Hamilton dropped back to help him some. Carapaz escaped just before the summit.
Dombroski and Yates trailed Roglic, Landa and Majka on the descent and were still some 20 seconds back on the final climb, yet some how caught them with 6 or so km to go. Carapaz just went gang busters.
Yates found energy and escaped with a few kms to go and got a little time back and time bonuses. Nibali got the last time bonus, but it really looked like Roglic, Nibali and Majka were on the limit.


Yates is inconvenienced by injury - He is dieseling up climbs and is lacking explosivity - Strange tactics by the peleton in the last two days - Yesterday’s stage peleton let the break increase their lead from 30s to 2 minutes in the last 10 kms before the final climb and in today’s stage let Carapaz’s lead to jump from 30 seconds to nearly 2 minutes on the final descent and riding on the flats - Bizarre - Roglic needs to be prepared to suffer if he wants to win the Giro.


Gavia stage changed and no Gavia, due to risk of avalanche.
That plays into the hands of Roglic.


Stage 15 was good.
Roglic had a accident ran into a barrier and had to swap bikes with teammates.
His lack of team is potentially a issue for him.
Nibali, Yates, all took time on Roglic
And Carapaz extends his lead.
Yates moves into 8th


Roglic’s team is very, very weak.
He had a mechanical, went back to the team car only to find it not there as the Lotto DS needed a ■■■■-stop. Swapped to Tolhoek bike instead, which had a lower saddle and then crashed on the decent just as he caught the GC group. Lets see how he pulls up after the rest day, but he could be in strife.
Yates looked much stronger today, perhaps a top 5 is within reach.


Some (local) riders didn’t believe the organizers about the Gavia, so they rode up to have a look!


A big fail by MS. You want to win the stage them you start riding when the break has ten minutes. This means you more effectively use your rider’s and have at least one support rider for the final climb.

I would have a crack at Formolo. In a team full of climber types. He is good in one day races and support in GT’s.

Reckon Hamilton has shown more in his second year than Haig.


Good ride by Chaves to come second in stage 17 of the Giro. He was dropped on the second last climb but suffered well in the last 30km.

Tomorrow is a notionally sprint day but think it will go to the breakaway. Reckon Bauer has a chance.


Most likely a breakaway. Bora might care enough to chase it down to give Ackermann a chance in the points competition. FDJ would be just happy if the break stays away.
Chaves isn’t at his best, but there are small signs he’s getting there.

In the GC Movistar control this. They look far stronger than Roglic and Nibali. Nibali looked on the limit last night, and today should give some rest to try and recuperate.


Some nutter threw a bike in the path of the cyclists today.
Fortunately someone quickly removed the danger.

Cima gives Nippo Fantini their first Giro win from the break, very narrowly holding off the pack with Ackermann 2nd.
Ackermann gets the points jersey, FDJ completely screwed that up, Demare didn’t figure in the final.


yeh they were talking about it on the MOVE podcast.
Ackermann was angry as thought he missed points jersey due to the breakaway guy holding on. He thought if he won and Demare came second he would still win the jersey.
But DeMare finished 8th and missed all the points so he Ackermann got the jersey anyway.


Chaves with the win.
As soon as I saw he made the breakaway, I figured he was odds on to win that race.
Last climbing stage tonight. Dolomites at it’s best. Should be on like donkey kong.


Watch the highlights of stage 20.
Lopez gets held up by a fan and punches him in the head. Probably cost him top 5 in the giro