The Recycling Depot - delistees, state leagues and mature agers

I wouldn’t mind Fleeton, but we don’t have the space.
He’s not a lockdown defender (which is what we need). He’s more of a poor man’s Ridley type.

Rucks + BBM/flankers, x-factor small forward. Something for everyone again!

Former No.1 mid-season pick among four axed by Roos -

Got to be a reason why he never played or game…or dominated VFL.

Just another example of why incompetence should not be rewarded with additional draft concessions.

I mean “number 1 mid season draft pick” doesn’t make as good a headline

No, but, the 3 blokes mentioned after him do.
Poor judgment by Norf’s recruiting team.

Phoenix Spicer…

A comeback from him would be a jackets special.

I’ll get my (ahem) coat…

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Honey, Philp, O’Brien. At least one of those was called an “inside bill” in his draft profiles.

Sam Philp would be worth a look

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In the spirit of this thread Oleg Markov was delisted by his second club, and now is a premiership player.


A few Carlton supporters I know think that Philp had potential. They are guessing injuries are the concern not talent.

Out Flip
In Philp

We really should pick him up

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Weren’t we annoyed that Collingwood took Arlo Draper before us…now he can be ours!

Colligwoods whole 2019 draft gone.

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It was always unclear if it was Draper or Jones.

I heard/read Collingwood were playing him as a CHB rather than midfielder in the VFL. Surprised he was cut.

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Swans axe SIX as off-season of change continues -

Three more Hawks cut as Trade Period dust settles -

Greene, Bramble, Long. Free to a good home?

I always had the impression that Bramble was quite handy. They have a decent half back line at Hawthorn - not something we are blessed with.