The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


Well you’ve answered the question, what does taking more coke than Eddie Murphy look like.



No for mine.


so true. I found another clip where he is so obviously off his nut he doesn’t even seem to realise the rest of the group are there.


Aaawwwwwwwww yeeeeeeaaaaaah.


No. Plenty of great soul and funk to choose from, that isn’t even close.




I think that’s about 13 yes.



Yeah. "Kn oath.


It’s time to end your reign @hambo. Unfortunately I can’t do it on this track. Raw and catchy. Yes.


I didn’t NOT like it.

Flaccid yes.


Thought this was gonna be that track that used to ■■■■ me no end in the 90’s which they plagiarised, originally by Wire but it wasn’t. It was decent. Yes.




I get the feeling that barnz is very particular about his music. Or is it just me?


I prefer the other clip for it, but the song is an absolute ripper. Yes


Very solid. No way that I can vote anything but ‘yes’ on this occasion.


First chance to vote today…and it’s a YES from me


Largely written by Damon Albarn. Allegedly…

PS. Boney M gets through. Faith No More, Radiohead doesn’t. Blitz please…




I’m running out of clever ways to say yes. So: yes.