The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


I thought I remembered Dirtbombs as being a bit more raucous. This was ok, I’ll go yes cos we’re in decent territory.




It was OK, yes, just.


Yes - it grew on me as it went



New to me…and I found this one to be particularly interesting.


Yes. Absolutely.




Yes to get deckham to 10




Not sure yet. I’m playing it again, forgot to listen to the music. YES of course.


Hummuna hummuna! I’ll sleep well now. Wait, was there a song with that clip? Eh, who cares. Take my yes.

Edit: hambo beat me to it!


I’m off to bed, folks.
If this gets through, I’ll spin another in the early morn.


I agree, those were some hot Asian-looking chicks.


Although, I’m expecting something heavier at some stage.




Wonder what voting would be like on a lot in here if tracks had to stand on their own merit, sans clip …??

A reluctant Da, … but only because You Am I, and I don’t want to give me any negativity at this point.


Hate the tramp stamps…
There’s a lot of girls doing this cinematic sounding stuff of late. This is nothing great, but still better than most of 'em.




Gin Wigmore is great. Yep


Mmm, borderline really. Yes because sexploitation, but with added guns. Wonder how she got Tim and Neil Finn to dress up as her backing singers.


Here is your 10th ‘yes’.