The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


The Meat Beat Manifesto, has been put to the testo. Time to get it over the line. I want more from @mrjez.


If he goes Sultans of ping fc I’ll be voting yes.


If @mrjez doesn’t then someone else surely will.


Lol, Where’s Me Jumper was one I was actually thinking about playing.


So what do I do? Play another?


What’s the current tally?




Oh yes.


Me no likey…


Gees… It’s very close.


Waaaa! 9-9! For the love of god, let me know one way or the other!


Been away for 2 days, just caught up…@mrjez didn’t make my ears bleed so it’s a yes from me.

Load up the next disk


Thanks Slowstu!

Ok, it’d be remiss of me, being a long time resident, not to play something from Japan. It takes a few unusual turns on your musical journey to end up at Melt-Banana, so this’ll be interesting. It is them at their most melodic and accessible but still. And I couldn’t resist the Akira clip someone made for YouTube:


I feel like I’m turning into a NO Man.
I just couldn’t get into this at all.

Another NO from me…sorry :grimacing:


Loved it. I want to give Melt Banana 2x yes’ but will settle for 1x.


I don’t haaaaaaaate it.
I think if it was some sort of Chili Peppers electro collaboration I’d get quite into it, but the vocal is just too high and thin for me.
I’ve given a few only just a yeses.
This is only just a no.


You’re not turning into a “no” man. You’re THE “no” man.

Saying that…it’s a no from me.




I don’t mind it, its a yes from me


Agree with Wim RE: Vocals, but I really liked the rest of it.

Sure, why not?