The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


Oooh No.




It’s a name I’ve heard quite a few times over the years but never listened to. It’s a yes. Thread needs a little arsekicking every now and then.


Aiming for a Fugazi-type vibe.
Vocals render it a bit comedic almost.
As an instrumental it’d be fine. As it is… no (just).


Yes from me.
Different. Interesting. Clip probably makes it over the line.




Yes, just again, it was better when they weren’t singing.


9-5. If you don’t like Yasuko’s vocals, she usually yips and shrieks as they come from a weird noise grind experimental background. This is actually singing for her. An acquired taste no doubt.


Love Japanese everything. @mrjez is doing very well. Very well indeed.


Yes. Reminds me of a band called Goliath I saw in a Tokyo underground bar.


Oh I bet you do



A lot of D Byrne’s solo work sounds like he’s making music for his ears only. He needs others around him to keep things under control. Like on Remain in Light. Unfortunately this time, Brian Eno is more like a co-conspirator rather than a guiding influence on this track and the result is a typically aloof and confused D Byrne pot-modern disappointment.



I liked it.


You seem to have good knowledge of the artist Diggers. Well done.


I love Eno’s work from this period but unfortunately don’t like this collab with Byrne. No.


This ticks so many boxes - Yes

Also a question to the DJ since you have lived in Japan. To me, from the outside, most Japanese men make an effort to speak an octave lower than their natural voice, and the women all try speak an octave higher than their natural voice. I’ve always wondered does this change when you have a longer more friendly relationship with individual Japanese or do they keep it up?






Wow, I’ve never thought about it, except for the way voice tones shift in work and casual situations, but I wouldn’t’ve thought that particular to the Japanese. Is this something you’ve known, or read or heard?