The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


I like a lot of David Byrne’s stuff, but that one’s a NO.


It sits at 3-5.




Nope, sorry Jez


Gutsy in this forum. You’re starting to take shots at goal from 40m out on the boundary. Yes.


Nope, that’s a miss.




You had me until the vocals, and then it didn’t go anywhere. No for mine.


I’m going to say no as well.

I’ve enjoyed the weirdness of the set, but this one I’d leave the sideroom.


If you did not notice it then it is probs just me. I got the idea from Japanese TV, movies and game shows usually without reading subtitles so I was just listening trying to work out what was going on. But perhaps does not occur in real life Japan.


yikes, thats a no


I think there’s a way people are expected to sound in certain situations, like a male might deepen to portray authority or a female raise an octave to sound polite or approachable. I don’t know, I think we tend to do similar things.


Bam! I’m out!


It was a brief but glorious run.


Thanks for the good run y’all. I’d like to nominate @bltn
He gave me a steady stream of “no”s, I’d like to see what he’s into!


Great run @mrjez. Good work.


Thanks for the nomination @mrjez

It was a great run you had with some pretty obscure stuff.
I can certainly believe that you’ve owned over 1000 records in the past.

Anyhow, here is my first entry.
Hopefully not my last…



That’s awful.


I enjoyed it. Yes



A question - what is the correct genre to call this beat? (so I can still fit in with the younger generations)