The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @hambo, when he's good he's very, very good, but when he's bad


My bad @Preliminary_Point2

Spin again @Klawdy



Ah this ■■■■ is ■■■■■■■ trash. I’m not voting for this. Get ■■■■■■


Well ok - yes


Changing the rules doesn’t make the music any less pox.



I’d imagine Dribble J are all over this because, on the (increasingly infrequent) occasions I turn it on, every song sounds like this.


That’s the spirit! Ya radge ****!


Yeah it’d be quite a shock after Magic 693.


I’d probably almost like this if I was drunk.



Feel like I’ve been voting no to pretty much everything this week, but this is still another No for me :(.


Nah, 3XY all the way mate…


I’ll give this a yes but I fear you’re heading down a very dark path on the way to playing crap.

There is still time for you to save your soul and get back to playing better music…but you need to change now or it will be too late



It’s thursday you now what time it is @Klawdy




Enabler. you’re no better. just give him the loaded gun next time.


I know what time it is. And you know what time it is. But do the others?


Yes for reasons I don not wish to disclose.


Haven’t heard of this group before. A bit of a Daft Punk sound going on in this song. Yes.


C’mon man. We’re all friends here. Out with it!


Friends don’t let friends play ■■■■ songs.