The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @hambo, when he's good he's very, very good, but when he's bad


Hi Guys,

Sorry, I’m late. Is this party still happening or what?


Say yes and the party continues.




The MOS label cheapens it but I’m still a fan.


That would be good live - Yes




Electro isn’t really my bag, but I enjoyed that. The original Baymax. It’s time to partyE! Yes.


BTW, ‘Celebrate Life’ - cool track. :+1:


When @deckham mentioned talking to a lady at the hospital who lost a 14yo, this was the first track I thought of. You really do have to celebrate it while you have it.


Getting near my wheelhouse of electro tastes, but not quite. Yes cos I would stick around in this club or festival tent to see what’s next.


Was better than the previous song which I really didn’t like. For that reason alone I’ll give you a yes


Bandwagon YES




Re: MOS. Although they are synonymous with plenty of cheese, they also put out some decent stuff from time to time.

Two Tribes 2001. Dave Seaman span the last set. I was cranking with my mates & turned aside & noticed Andy Van dancing next to me. I kinda liked his MOS compilation with Mark Dynamix (around 2002).


You have about 10 stories that are the same.

I was at x festival dancing to early 2000’s prog house with “name drop” :joy:

I went to every one of the same parties too :thinking:


I’ve never really embraced the “electro” genre. Hit me up with some of your faves.


Rippen kitten.


Way more than 10, dude.