The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible



That would have been exciting if it wasn’t so drawn out, from 3-8 to 9-9 and killed because someone who loved the song voted no.

Last yes vote = next dj, @Dodga you’re up


DW you weren’t missed, you didn’t get about 5 pings from diggers calling you salty.

like hes never seen himself after serena panic roomed from a drug test…


She was fearful for her life.


My God, the songs that get voted out and the songs that get voted in… it’s staggering! Great Southern Land gets the Chaminda, and that rancid Come On Eileen cover is given the all-clear…
I’m privately seething…


Thanks @Yossarian. Its downright un-Australian to vote down Great Southern land. Shame on everyone

Here’s a track.

I saw these guys at the Forum on Saturday night and they lit it up. I highly recommend catching them.

Shame there’s not a film clip to this one.


YES indeed. Was surprised to read they’re Aussies. That gig you went to has a nice write up in the Age.


Now THAT’s something worth yesing


Geez, that was not AT ALL what I was expecting! From the baseball caps, tracksuits and neck-chains in the bandshot I was fully expecting to be assaulted by appalling whiteboy Aussie ©rap.

On the contrary, it was pure 90’s shoegaze. Liked it. A lot!


not garbage Australian hip hop… but garbage all the same.




Didn’t really enjoy that, sorry. Seemed like a bad recording of watered down Oasis.


Nice… Yes.


Don’t get the buzz with these guys.







They sound similar to The Jesus and Mary Chain, although the vocalist isn’t as good as Jim Reid. Still, a yes.


Said it all. Yes.


They are very much on an Oasis sound for mine. Especially this track.

I think they played with Noel Gallagher when they toured the UK. I think he hated them at first but must.have softened (Everyone used to slag off Oasis as being Beatles copies.)

I reckon they pull it off pretty well.


90s Grunge is dead, long live 90s Shoegaze.


I’ve looked up some more of their stuff thanks to your posting this song. I like “Feels like 37”, there’s also a good live set at KEXP (my go to place for live recordings).



But kids, don’t smoke to try and look cool.