The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


I like the band and enjoyed the song - Yes.


Sweet The Cramps fans are coming.

Good man Deckham


Decks loves to channel his Maverick side with his unpredictable voting style.


Posting Guelfi clips in the DJ thread Rain. Thats dangerous



First live show I saw was The Cramps







7-6 comeback


Yes. There is a video on the interwebs somewhere of The Cramps playing live in a mental institution…worth a watch


A little more love for The Cramps and we can spin and finally start taking.some risks with the track selection…


Have a yes cos you posted Mike Skinner last time


I’m currently in ICU so I’m gonna smash this thread (not too serious, don’t worry)

So it’s a NO for me




Intensive Care Unit???


Get well mate.





Geez. Get well man.


If you need a crib to convalesce for a while, my spare Japanese-style bedroom (tatami mat) here in Tokyo is available. Um, on second thoughts, you may be headed back to the ICU, so cancel that offer. :wink:


Yeah intensive

I went into full aniphilactic shock after eating something with peanuts in it that wasn’t listed as containing peanuts on the board at a noodle shop. I had incredible abdominal pains, lips and tongue swelled up and wasn’t great. I was administered adrenaline and a whole lot of other stuff, I then spent the next half a hr fine, and then suddenly went into shock and stopped breathing, next thing I know I’m in ICU

They maintain I’m fine, and will be released in a day or two as long as I don’t have any more turns

Was scary to say the least, and I’m less than impressed with the shop to say the least.