The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


Good to hear that you are (mostly) OK now, WOB.


I must admit, I really love how WOB dropped by this thread with his (serious) allergic reaction to peanuts (or whatever) story & then drops the big ‘no’ bomb on @Dodga - definitely one of the better ‘no’ votes in recent times. Classic @westozziebomber :laughing:


It’s a pitty you allready played Kick Start my Heart. Would have been perfect right now…

Get well WOB.


You have reverted to form. Comments and then late voting (or not). Your MO has been noted (a long time ago).


My MO?

I don’t have one. TBH I don’t know what the song is, wether I’ve voted etc. I’m not felling dodges set so it’s probably a no if I did scroll back but…


How would you be felling his set unless you had scrolled back and knew the score? :wink:


Dunno if that comment was meant for you PP2. The song is The Cramps-Human Fly. The vote is at 9-8


Oh right felling vs feeling duh. I’m slipping.


If you fell a song in the DJ thread and no one was around to hear it…


■■■■ it, CBF scrolling back. I heard a band called Gramps before. It’s close enough yes

Spin again @Dodga




You are as smart as a whip. Getting very close to throwing out a potential job interview in the future. Be prepared!!!


Good I might need a new job. DJ thread impacted my work performance this year!


I will remember this PP2 and those who stepped up to back the Cramps.

Now I can pour some of this Bunnahabhain, flick on Billions and chill


Geez I better get in early this time.

I like santigold - yes




And I’m glad PP2 finally had his clear MO pointed out.


That’d be an awesome gif for anybody tasteless enough to vote no to a Fratellis song.


definite improvement…yes


I didn’t like the vocals but the rest of the song was very enjoyable. If I was BAAKKERRR it would be a no but it’s a YES