The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible




Fk yeah dergggg






See I reckon that guy would be like “hell yes daawg!”


Far out man.
I had a wife once, who had the same deal. She got plastered on…Frangelico… one time, and when we got home, she basically went into death mode. I had to keep her alive with CPR, in front of her kids, for about 8 minutes, till an ambulance arrived.

Hope you now have an epi pen.


Dodge - you would have gotten a yes from me for all the above…except this little piece of shiny crap.


No. Look up some of the atrocities conducted under the Uhuru banner in Kenya back in the 50’s. Anyone supporting that I could never vote for.


Well that’s not cool if in the clip. I’ve only previously listened to the song without a clip and the lyrics are actually pretty decent (in terms of morality) eg dismissive of the thug life type posturing and talking about respecting women etc.

Anyway. It was meant to be a midday, light hearted kick along song. I think Its got a killer tempo and flow but figured it’d probably be a 50/50 or more chance of getting the chop chop because its a rap track. But the thread has sort of died in the ■■■■.




Yeah voting has slowed a lot, i thought with icehouse the track would be known and voting would be quicker but that moved at glacial speed.

Yes to current track btw




This song deserves a slow death




I’m in a funny mood. Yes





Kira’s still missing in action. I’ll give an automatic YES to hip hop for Kira.





Precarious, bro.