The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


That was absolute nonsense. No


8-9 and on the brink of DJ oblivion

Is there one last comeback for this selection, or is @Clark_Griswold destined for the scrap heap?


This song would’ve been 0-10’d back in the day.


Or 10-0 depending on the crowd’s mood


No wonder I spend time away from this thread when sh*t like this goes through.




Davo flips the switch and the blade drops on @Clark_Griswold’s (very short) term as DJ King

Nominate your successor please


@Diggers was up next.

…but this is an awkward hour to nominate…

@swoodley, if you want to go tonight, after say 15mins wait, and hand over to @Diggers once you die, then I expect that would also be a good option for the thread.


I think you have played at least 20 better songs in this thread. You’re really good but that was a stinker.


Well, @Diggers time is up and I’ve wanted to post this track since I heard it a few weeks ago.


Didn’t mind that for the time slot.
Have a yes.


Vote = YES

The vinyl made me think it was going to be a banging dance track.


Yeah okay, just




It wasnt horrible. Just kind of average. There was a keys break that sounded like an 80s gameshow, it felt as if Tony Barber was about to announce “lets go shopping”.

Weighing that all up. No.


This is decent. Has a very sixties soundtrack sort of sound. Yes


The actual ■■■■…



Young Master Pills having a good dance to that one



FYI. Golden Days Radio is Melbourne’s Premier Seniors’ Broadcaster. Who am I kidding? Of course, you already knew that. No.


Yes, because not enough Hammond organ in the thread. Vocals nearly undid it.