The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


Swoodley (clap clap clap) Yes


Should have been here when I played Burn in Hell by Rocket Science. Those guys made their organ p*ss.


Liked it - very Booker T and the MG’s.
Nice pre-cup of coffee tune.




That’s quite a rebuke from @JohnRain.


Yeah…but the joke’s on him 'cos I don’t live in Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue:


Prolly a bit harsh, as I note that he played the song late last night. I missed it then, but man, what a way to completely kill off a roaring morning erection. Swoods always produced the goods with European/Scandinavian tenderonies. Now, he is scrapping the geriatric barrel. Instant soft on. :grin:




And all that got me was a regular change of avatars :wink:


Not from me. I voted ‘yes’ for all of those centerfolds…errr…songs.


This guy was certainly never a centrefold…but he’s one of my all time favourites


Is this actually the next song?




Bit too much woodblock for me. Needs an edit. Got bored before the intro finished.


Liked a great deal of JJ’s material up to Big World. After that he lost all his spikiness and got a bit smooth and easy-listening for my liking. Not helped by his fondness for sax either…
This didn’t really go anywhere unfortunately… No.




No, that’s… that’s not good at all.


Errr nope.


That’s easily in the top ten worst songs of the thread.



Always loved this song :slight_smile:


Yes to Joe Jackson - I won’t ever ‘no’ this guy.