The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


In true rave style…my daughter just vomited on me.


Up past 10? Party training starts early in your joint. Trust she feels better soon.


I’ve come to learn through this thread that I quite like the broken beats but not the straight doof with lightweight singing. This one was OK but please mix it up a bit. yes


Yeah she’s all good thanks mate. She’s just got a cold and had a bit of a coughing fit which led to some almighty regurgitation. Thankfully I got the bucket under there a little late…but caught some.


Said every electronic music fan at some point


I thought I was unique :cry:


If we’ve downgraded to the 7 votes system it’s new song time?


That’s 8-0, good enough for me. Lets have a quick vote on new rules.


Do we need 7 votes to get to 7 votes, or 10?


a general consensus would probably do


PM’s going a bit weird, so I’ll just share here.
I love early stuff like Kraftwerk, and lots of 80s breakdance electro like Hashim and Cybotron.
Then stuff from around 2000 on, electroclash and electro house, Vitalic, Adult., Fischerspooner, Digitalism, i-f, Console - generally electro stuff the indie kids could get into.


I’m happy to go down to 7.

And No for the track.


It seems everyone is happy with the lower vote requirement. Keeps the thread moving. Can debate the battle part another day.


Fischerspooner and digitalism I’m familiar with but will check the others out. Cheers.


Alright, I’m calling it. 7 is the new black.


Poison Lips. Have that lined up.


Ha, ha. Awesome. The track Diggers was about to drop in that clip I posted earlier. You picked up on it. Yes. Heaven Scent is one of those ‘all time’ type tracks.

p.s. Haven’t heard this version, though.


La Rock

is one of my favourite tracks of all time


Free YES before I go to bed. Enjoy your evening :slight_smile:


I’m a bit the same…I think my musical tastes stopped developing when Acid Jazz and Big Beat were still common terms.