The reigning DJ King (Mk IX) is @DonBomb...whose opening statement showed either good situational awareness or a shocking lack of confidence

Nah… I was trying to find the original video for “I Might Be A ■■■■, But At Least I’m Not A ■■■■■■■ ■■■■”… but a) couldn’t locate it, and b) I’d probably get the forum shut down and earn myself a long holiday…

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Gold :joy:

That was horrible.


On the thread title I didn’t accuse him of playing a JJJ 90’s set which would be ok, I accused him of playing a 00’s JJJ set, it’s so much worse.


This. Free YES

I missed voting on TISM, auto yep for this one.

Booooooored and boring.
I’m well into my Friday night here, so…


What bourbon is on the menu?

Just white label Beam.
Had a nice single malt the other day, though.

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The wild turkey long branch is better. I got to meet Eddie Russel in my last job and he was really excited about it which surprised me.

Meh, passable.





Turkey and MM give me heartburn.
And I don’t find either worth it.

You like Devil’s Cut?

And free yes Baker, but pick up your game.

It’s pretty good, yes.
Much different smell, flavour.

I think I like it more than Turkey, now. Although I think I overdid Turkey back in the day.

Canadian Club 12 year is my option if I’m going dry.

Is there a whiskey thread?

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