The reigning DJ King (Mk IX) is @nobody because ***BLOND DJ IS LIVE***...Round 2 (Songs from the slightly more successful round 1 DJs)

Yes. Like a good cover.

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I’m officially as out of touch as Hall and Oates. Never heard this or the original
Mrs hambo brought it up on YouTube wth it’s 600 million views, who knew? Yes


Call me crazy but…I dunno…too soon?
I quite like the original.


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That’s pretty accurate actually. :joy:

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Ahem, and you missed the current reigning ‘live’ DJ Queen.

congrats on pulling all that together, great effort.


Nope to the song btw



It’s ok. But No.

I liked it.

@Strewth I know the beers made you do it. So yes

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@Robin_Close I’m pretty cooked and I can hear Kenny Loggins playing in the bar. Im hoping for respite, but I set out to play in the edge and I refuse to back down.

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ill give you a yes

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5-6 somehow


I don’t know the original. I do have an Interruoters song short-listed (though not this one).
This was unremarkable, but not bad enough for me to pull the trigger.

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I was voted out playing the original. I like this cover as well so it’s a yes from me.

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But surprisingly, it squeezes through…

im playing the stone roses i am the resuurection as i write lol

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Ok…any IT gurus out there…or just someone who can possibly help.

For some reason, the spreadsheet link doesn’t want to work.

LB and myself have been talking back and forth trying several theories but it refuses to play nice.

I’ve tried copying and pasting the link (which I;'m sure is all that I’ve done in the past), played around with the actual link itself, tried to link LB’s post but it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Any (useful) thoughts/ideas?

If I can’t get it to work, we will just have to refer to LB’s post #23 in this thread but that seems a bit messy,

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