The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


Trying my darndest to picture this but I just can’t see it. Any chance of a photo? Hell I’m hoping you might still have these items in your wardrobe to take a photo now.


Should we just rename this thread Underbelly: Blitz and be done with it?

NO to the song if anyone is still paying attention to that sort of thing…:grin:


I was thinking that earlier. Underbelly: Confessions of the Motley DJ King Punters.


Think of an ensemble Don Johnson may have got around in for Miami Vice (or early Pseudo Echo) and that might be vaguely approximating it.
Mercifully no photos exist, and I’m pretty sure I had a ritualistic burning of the entire outfit, as it was about that time when I realised chasing fashion is a foolhardy (and dangerous…) game.


I’m enjoying these outer wherever the fark suburb stories. Growing up in Essendon we’d just hang with Bombers greats and drink with them all the time.


I guess you could call Swoods a Bomber’s great. @swoodley :grin:




You seem very well versed in the subject @Diggers.


I reckon the Godfather movies are the most overrated of all time but quite liked the use of those clips with the crazy light and shade song. YES


Yes to Fantomas, Godfather. Guess I’ll have to shelve Charade again. Directors Cut is such a good album.




Have a NO because there’s no KLAWDY


I know it’s an unpopular opinion but they just bore me.


I know my way around a bride’s maid…



Is it time for @TDSpartan or has he already voted?


I’ll vote Yes becuase I voted no to Lovage.


Don’t need to wait for @TDSpartan

I’m happy to give this collection of noise a NO


Done. Thanks for reading my stories today.

Whose next who hasn’t had a spin for a while?


By the way…what the hell has been going on in here today…I got home from work…saw that there were 140+ new posts and thought it must have been a cracking day for the incumbent DJ.

But no…just a lot of stuff about the seedy sides of town.

Personally, I grew up in the hallowed suburb of Essendon.

The Linc was my preferred drinking hole but if I wanted to try my luck with the ladies, then it was off to Windy Hill on Thursday night.

To be honest, I never had much luck but sometimes that is good.

One of my mates impressed the hell out of us one night when we saw him chatting up two women at the same time. Even more impressive was when he left with both of them about an hour later.

Those of us left behind were soon set straight when another regular came up and asked us why we let our mate go with those two.

Apparently, they were guys…admittedly they looked convincing after a few hours of drinking but boy, did we give it to our mate when returned later with a huge grin on his face and started bragging out the quality HJs he’d received…his grin soon disappeared after we explained about the gender of his two conquests.


Now, we’re living here in Alan Town…:joy: