The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


NOT that there’s anything wrong with that…:wink:


He did look very happy when he returned :wink:


I’ve been listening to this album all week in the car…this is my favourite track


When in Rome…




You subjected me to over 5 minutes of that inane prog garbage. The best thing that ever happened to music was punk, rap and EDM which pushed this airy fairy tosh of the radio.

Strongly emphasised, with two full stops… and maybe an exclamation point at the end NO !


It’s no Thunderpussy. But what is? (apart from Thunderpussy) Yes


Your No’s are improving :joy::joy:


Your transformation in the past few days has been extraordinary. I think we are privy to a great becoming.



It’s no Blake Shelton (Chew tobbacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit) so have a yes


Didn’t mind the Linc, it was only around the corner from home on Schofield st, but loved the parma’s at De Marco’s. Also drank a bit at the Cross Keys, Pascoe Vale hotel, Airport West hotel and a few places in Carlton (fark Carlton). Favourite hang out was the Blue Room on Nicholson St. Full sized and 3/4 Snooker and pool tables, great place to learn to play. Favourite haunt of Wilbur Wilde back in the day too, sorry @BAAKKEERRRR know you don’t like sax.


I definitely don’t like WW’s choice of instrument but as a fella he is funny as fark. He, Kevin Hillier and a comedian called Lester Parsons used to have a Sunday morning show on 3XY in the mid 80’s called Off The Record which was an absolute riot! Particularly when they had (of all people) John Farnham as a guest. It was very funny stuff!

Speaking of the Linc, going back 9-10 years, they had a trivia night run by a couple of university girls (before smartphones ruined trivia nights). Gee, they did a good job - one of the best trivia nights I’ve been to. It helped that we won it for a few weeks running (winning nothing more than the following week’s parma).

Mild yes to the song.


Enjoyed Heart. Would have been the antithesis of what I would listen to when I was young but I’ve grown to appreciate this kind of stuff. YES



No idea what’s going on anymore but have a yes


Yawn… That song was about as exciting as a night out at a northern suburbs nightclub.

But have a yes to move things along.


first ball yes.


Heh - i lived there for a year.


…and was evicted and then banned from De Marcos


Yes to the track. Not enough of this stuff.