The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


Yes to human league if needed


I like how we give swoods the friendly nickname then give give him heaps. We luv ya swoods!




He has obviously run out of songs. Don’t think he has ever made it this far. :rofl:


Did you get Kira’s yes? (it was hidden in a longer post)


I dunno, lets call it a yes and move on. cmon @BAAKKEERRRR


Damn, I was so wanting the Phil Oakey avatar.

Well, you lot kicked-on then? When I turned-in, things had stagnated and JR and Swoods were trading barbs.

To recap:

  • yes, Hambo would love to have played Being Boiled, but that’s a 0-7 just waiting to happen.
  • yes, JR it is tricky terrain now - do I start digging into my next DJK stash or try and find something else?

Alright, let’s go with the Godfathers of synth. Or is it electro? Synlectro maybe? Ah, who cares - you either like it or you don’t…




One of my favourite tracks, big Yes.


@hambo would love Japan.


I like it. Yes


Have D Mode been respresented in DJK previously? If not, I’m very glad to have corrected that oversight…


@Koala and @JohnRain have played D Mode previously.


I mostly go for Vince Clarke-era DM, but this is an easy yes.




Meh. yes


Not a fan, but yes to move things along.


A track which sounds like prime Talking Heads, with lyrics comprised entirely of Talking Heads lyrics… I guess it’ll stand or fall on whether more people like Talking Heads than not…

And 6/4 is such an under-utilised time signature in music…

It’ll make for a cool avatar if nothing else…


yeah, didn’t hate it but don’t know if I rate it.


5/4 + 6/4 + 4/4 = interesting yes.