The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Baakkeerrrr...all alone poor dear


I really quite liked that one.



Good one. Yes.

Heading to OZ shortly to take care of some fam biz, so will be offline for a bit. Enjoy the rest of your set.




Take care, JR! I’m in rarified air here - feeling faint and short of breath, don’t know if I can cope… :slight_smile:


Had time to ponder, have a yes


This. Barest of yesses



I’ve got a set of shades very similar to those. Yes


I particularly like the 5/4 outro here, which is straight from the XTC songbook…


Look at you just spinning track after track. Our little man is all grown up. Naaawwwww.



Futureheads came to mind with that outro, obviously majorly influenced by XTC themselves. Yes








I’ll be offline for a few hours from 4 pm. If this track is still going and gets up, anyone going to be around during that time who I can PM a track to?


Well scrap that - didn’t realise it was past 4 already.


Didn’t think I’d like it after the first verse, but did by the end. Liked the mixing of time sigs. YES.

The Datarock song was pretty cool too. I just wonder why you would waste such good music on a list of Talking Heads song titles. Very strange tribute song.

I’ll be checking in from time to time if you want to send me your next track @BAAKKEERRRR Looks as though this will get through at this point.

At 6/0 now though, so…?




Is there a track? @Zimmer @anastasios1979 @BAAKKEERRRR ?


Nahh I didn’t post soon enough to get a response.


I didn’t get a response either.

Edit: hang on. I double checked. Here it is:

He specified Track 3, but encouraged us to sit back, crank up the Denon - preferably valve - and take in the whole experience.