The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Barnz...will his thread be cut short?


Great start to the morning—strutting around the house naked singing this song. Why is my wife shaking her head? Why is my dog looking at me funny? Why are my neighbours looking over the back fence clapping and cheering?






hahaha…I remember playing this at a fashion parade once - really ■■■■■■■ loud.






It’s a sweep. Spin again JR.



Fck it. Time for a bit of silly fun. Bonus points if you can guess the movie this song featured in (and scene).

p.s. Turn up the volume on this one, Kira, and see how your neighbours react. :joy:


That was offensive. Offensively bad. No.


Blake says “Giddeeup!”


Live footage of Kira dancing naked to Rain’s tunes (NSFW):

Free YES


Life’s great mysteries, volume 56746634:
Andrew WK.
Acts with precisely zero musical talent who have somehow managed to carve out a career for themselves.



It’s edgey bro. Straight from the JJJ playbook.


It’s an irreverent electroclash tune with a catchy AF beat & funny lyrics. Considered one of the all time great ‘sl*twave’ songs. It featured in a great/successful film. Not one for the snobby purists, but fun nonetheless, if one is in a silly, lighthearted mood.




Guess I’m a snobby purist then (as if there were any doubt…) :slight_smile:
And fkn proud of it!!!


Can’t recognise the movie, but that’s definitely Sinatra.

No, thanks.


There is a point at which funny irreverent music crosses over to try hard garbage. This is well beyond that point. If this is one of the best “sl*twave” songs then I hate to think what the rest of that crap might be like.

It’s good to be back.


1/2 of the fun of spinning that tune was eliciting the classic & expected feedback from Bakes & Uncle Chop (really nice to see you back in here with a vengeance). Jolly good stuff. Listen to that cracker again & substitute t##ties for man b##bs & think of me, gents. :rofl:


If Digs is a yes, then it is 3-3.


Oops - not the movie in that music vid. The movie the song featured in. Set in Tokyo (hint). That was where I heard the song for the first (but not last) time.

Rob, my alcoholic Canadian former neighbour, used to crank this song when entertaining…err…friends. It failed to drown out any sound. He was fairly active, so I have listened to that tune quite a bit, but not so much in the past decade or so.