The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Barnz...will his thread be cut short?


Blake says “You bet that’s a Yes and anyone who says no can suck my country flavoured balls”


Yes, I was right into this electro stuff when Peaches first appeared. The songcraft and live shows were meant to be barebones, the attitude quite punk. A coworker and I used to sneak this onto the store system when I worked at Borders years ago, before doors opened. All the staff would react like some punters in here, haha.


Have an irreverent and lighthearted yes. The beat is a cracker.


That’s pretty bad. no.


Didn’t mind that. Yes. BTW can’t remember that character in the film but I think he used to say Gooollllieee… Ah the Andy Griffith show! With Don knots.


Childhood mammaries, eh?


Definitely this, nope.


Yeah lol




Thought I’d hate it but, surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad.



Decide to have a bit of a break from DJ king; put my I tunes selection on random; first song that comes on: Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime. @JohnRain


Head into a 2-hour meeting thinking that I’d definitely be booted for spinning that Peaches song. Come out & find that it has made it through. Fckn cool to see that some DJs appreciated the lighter side of it. The beat is addictive.

The song featured in the strip club scene in Lost in Translation.

Anyway, give me a few mins to sort through whatever else is left in the crate.


Filter reworking The Crystal Method’s ‘Trip Like I Do’.


Lip my stocking?


“Go on, lip it”.

Bahahaha. One of my fav scenes (and can relate). :blush:


It’s a sign to stick around, dude. :wink:


Ok dude have another yes.


Cheers. Did you turn up the volume for that one?


Can’t do that until I get home. And I have a business function to attend tonight. boo!


Crank it when you have the chance. It’s a belter.