The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Barnz...will his thread be cut short?




Thought I’d hate it but surprisingly, I didn’t.

Didn’t like it enough to give it a yes, though.



You should play it during one of your English lessons.


Blake says “It’s not country, it’s not western but it feels nice like well worn in chaps. It’s a Yes from Blake”.


Like this quite a bit.


It’s right at the intersection where rock & electronic music meet.


The kind I like.


Budge says that ‘Blake says’ is getting old real quick.

Have a free Yes JR




no never really got my hear around these type of efforts its sorta like well…not for me!

I just hear screamadellica in way to many songs thanks to MR Weatherall!


Like that. Pity I have a screaming headache and can’t turn it up louder. Have a YES



I’m generally too nice, so in that vain.

Born to Slow nubreed remix, off Phil K’s Renaissance mix would have been a yes.

This is a bit to commercial for my tastes so no (you’ll get through anyway :stuck_out_tongue:)


I liked Short Bus, but they sort of lost me after that. Have to No sorry John.


Yes, feels a bit like U2’s the Fly


Blake says you’re in line for a tea-baggin’, Budge.


You’ve still got your balls - thought you were losing them?


Out of consideration for LB’s headache & HOGALF’s cantankerous Neil Finn attitude, I give you Voodoo Ray.




I’d thought about playing this myself at some point. Might be to far for some


I’m not getting knackered. Just modified a bit.