The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Barnz...will his thread be cut short?


I liked that @JohnRain. It has a kind of primal feel with really simple vocal harmonies and that beat in the background. The fact that the vocals and the music shared equal billing on the volume front just made it better. yes


Mixing it up well here Johnny. Every second song I really like and the next I hate. This one falls into the latter category. NO


@JohnRain is in fine form.


My haranguing skills feel a bit rusty and need a good dusting off.

This is a perfect song to do it.

The lyrics in this track are truly outstanding…this song must be the living proof of the theory of getting a sh*tload of monkeys in a room bashing away at a keyboard and coming up with a masterpiece.

Oh who am I trying to kid…that last statement is an insult to monkeys the world over.

What a steaming pile of self indulgent crud.



@JohnRain is in fine form.


Not my bag of tea. No.


It’s OK, but it sounds a bit like the noises people make when they’re trying to annoy you, No




Current voting showing why I didn’t :joy:




I reckon DJ King is expanding your tastes…


Funny, that :wink:


Yes from me.


…And a no from him…


Yes and no. I have always liked a diverse range of music covering many genres, but like most people I tend to listen to a narrower band of music. While most here think I am a country loving nut, I generally only listen to country when driving, in particular interstate driving. This is probably due to growing up with an interstate truck driving father who loved country. I have an extreme fondness for a lot of late 70’s early to mid 80’s music because they were my teenage years. I like ‘pop’ music, I like old Motown and Soul music. I like some opera and classical. I like some metal. I bought a CD of pan pipes music.

This thread does however keep throwing up songs that I like that I have never heard of, and for me that is awesome.




I ran the song through my sonic analyser and can report that this song had 90% too much funk, 5% too much plastic cow bell and a poorly worn hat.


BTW the hat is integral to this analysis as it prevents thorough and clear movement of the treble frequencies.


Ah a deckiometer? Free yes to the song Johnny rain.


No those Deckiometers are rubbish. Their reliance on pre-cambrian natural music forms, the pentatonic scale and funk don’t sit well with me.