The reigning DJ King (Mk VI) is @Barnz...will his thread be cut short?



Here’s your chance to exact revenge, Mr. Finn.



Your tastes are remarkably similar to mine, and for similar reasons.





Come back is on


Cracking set Johnny.


Thread could do with a bit of pan pipes. Even just to watch the response.


Because you’re both old?




free yes


voodo ray lol how can i vote no for that i was looking at your previous song…

easy yes…acid house take me back!

then it dawned on me id already voted no for that one!

seriously @johnrain ill just get my copy out now and give it a spin!


I saw that!




I’ve finally figured this thread out

Although @Diggers started it, he actually did so due to a subliminal message sent to him by @JohnRain

@JohnRain is a master of voodoo and other nefarious practices and it appears that he is taking us over one by one.

How else can one explain that this latest pile of crud has managed to get through.

I am now busily making a new tin foil hat in the hope that I will continue to be able to resist his insidious takeover of the blitz collective mind.

i think my latest one is rather stylish


It’s a classic track & I’m not surprised that you own a copy of it. :wink:


One last song to see the evening out.


I hate to say it Johnny, but that was boring as all fark.

Even the greats stumble occasionally.



Well played.


Blake says “I like this choice, pardner”.


Well there you go two in a row. I really enjoyed that one Johnny. Big YES.


I listen to this band more than any other. So that’s a yes.