The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @AVanderScreamer...Raging from the outset


Well, that was chipper enough, I suppose. yes.


I had a live version in mind which is much better but can’t find it on the you tubez… more’s the pity.


Yes, ok.


It was ok…have a yes


Well, Phil Oakey or Joe Elliott in his ludicrous Union Jack waistcoat would’ve been better but I can live with the new avatar. That gingernuts and his band had been around too long…


Thanks for the nom. I’ve got a 5yo birthday at Inflatable World tomorrow. I’ll be in no state for the decks, before, during or after - perhaps months after.


Already with the sob stories.

Yes, ok.


Need all the help I can get Decks


Oh, I hurt like a b itch for days after a kid’s birthday there… Muscles you never knew you had end up aching…


@mrjez my son quotes this line, or the variation “are you being a patient boy?” to me, when he’s stuffing around and I’m getting ■■■■■■ off with waiting to get him dressed for school. I’ve created a Fugazi monster. It’s his favourite song, or perhaps equal favourite with Ocean Man.


I love that. The best I’ve done so far with my 2-year-olds is getting them to sing “Where Did She Come From?” by Hard-Ons in the car yesterday.




Extremely flaccid Yes. I remember liking them, but that song wasn’t great. If you want to make a social comment song it needs to be clearer than the title. Nice riff though. Anyway, I’m already grumpy about tomorrow so take the yes and run.

Edit: Second listen. I want to change my vote, but won’t.


Awww hell no


Not the worst song I’ve heard today. Yes


Just out of interest - what is the worst song you’ve heard today?


Got to 7-0 before Crazy’s No

Go again DJ


Not sure what the name of the song is but it was the soundtrack to a utoob disgrace that Jnr diggers #1 was watching earlier.


How old is Jnr Diggers #1?


Old enough to love these self broadcasting types and to know better concurrently.