The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @AVanderScreamer...Raging from the outset


So old enough to protest what the boomers have done to the environment?


The boomer jokes have died in the ■■■■ @barnz. But your timing is impeccable. Nobel Peace Prize in the offing.


Yes. He could have attended.


Been stuck watching Black Panther with Mrs Azza. Not sure what all the hype is about to be honest…



This never got played on Shirl’s Neighbourhood…


Why don’t you all get fkd is what I was thinking when they came out with Jukebox In Siberia.



A primary school friend’s family had a fairly high-end stereo. We used to rifle through his older brother’s record collection and play them when he wasn’t around. I remember feeling very naughty and rebellious playing records like this, KISS, the Billy Joel one where he drops the f-bomb (“Laura” on The Nylon Curtain) and Ghost In The Machine by The Police (where Sting drops the c-bomb).


Not a Skyhooks fan.


Always feel like I should like Skyhooks particularly considering the bands I have been in with dumb Aus rock leanings and swearing but this is a poor song. NO





Right back at ya :laughing:






@Lifetime_ban I hope you don’t miss voting on this.


free yes


Have a no.




No thanks


Bastards. That was one of the tunes of my youth. Had to go to a ■■■■■■■ wedding and put up with ■■■■ Grease compilations on the dance floor while you ■■■■■■ spin and kill this song. My life sucks balls man, big hairy ■■■■■■■ balls.

Have a useless but heartfelt yes.


Hmmm…poor Azza will check in in the morning only to find he has been given the boot on song 2 again.

Nominate your replacement please @Azza78