The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Crazy_Bomber featuring


Are we still in Blond DJ playing songs like this that everyone mops up? I’ll vote yes on the hope of something interesting.






Catching up on this thread. Busy w/end in the garden. Much more cathartic than Blitz. Back for the EPL finale and some tunes.

Yes x 3 for your songs to date, Jez-san. Enjoyed your softly, softly ‘can I have a go in the booth?’ as well. :wink:


Expedient and/or redundant yes.


I’m bored. Is this gonna be my Lovage part two?


Sex in the City theme song crossed with South American por.n.

I mean sure - Yes


Well it’s got Lovage beat already.

I had a record collector friend back around the early 2000s, we used to hit many junk fairs and salvos every Saturday. He loved finding rare kitschy stuff, South American, cha-cha, bongo, lounge obscurities. He always enjoyed kicking back with the smooth sounds of Lovage and Senor Coconut. This one’s for him. He now makes meditation-type dubby beats up in FNQ somewhere.


I’m not gonna pretend that I enjoyed that.



Lol sure, yeah why not, yes


That suits my mood. Just watched Nice Guys with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling; very funny movie set in the 70s. YES

Glad I missed Television, always thought the best thing Howard Devoto ever did was leave the Buzzcocks.


You thinking of Magazine?


Surprisingly good movie, that one.


Oh yeah, probably. I always get them confused. I don’t like either of them for some reason.


Yeah, I only started liking some Television fairly recently. Magazine never did it for me.


If I played that I would have been hung and quartered for playing the Sex and the City ripoff. A gigantic NO.


It’s from an album of all Kraftwerk covers by a German living in South America. If that at all helps, haha.


Reminds me of Tiki bar tv… but yucky. Free yes.


Turning Japanese is way better than that, yet no love. I just can’t. No.



4-3. Somehow.